Friday, June 04, 2010

Something for the weekend – Culture & Art

I often forget to post stuff, which I get sent to me, I always think later well this is later not Sunday when I think Damn!

So for your enlightenment a couple of items worth your attention!

STARTING THIS WEEKEND (Friday as it happens but till 27th June) At the Margate Gallery

this is dreamland

“This is a Dreamland is an exhibition that consists of photographic prints, collage and mixed media. All of the works in the show explore Margate as a town where vibrancy, colour and inspiration is found everywhere. The work on show is a response to the sensory delights found in Margate’s vibrant arcades and seafront stores: the flashing lights, electric colours, fluffy, pink, candyfloss and florescent inflatables. The work on display seeks to celebrate living in a place that has electric blue skies and glistening golden sand, rather than a place of greyness and gloom. The works on show explore a love of a town where life, colour and atmosphere collide to make it a Dreamland for the senses.”

Katie Welsford 2010

*****ALSO FOR ONE DAY ONLY ***** (Harbour Arm)


Digital photographer, Tim Spencer, is showing a collection of recently worked images in a new exhibition entitled 'about MARGATE' - a series of pictorial representations based on observations made during the three years since he moved from London to Cliftonville.

This is a new perspective showing diverse elements of the beautiful area around Thanet. With a fresh vision, Tim has framed captured moments in that ever-changing relationship between the seemingly permanent and the ostensibly transient.

Tim was born in 1956 and moved from Sussex to London in 1975. Upon completing university and, after 2 years in video production, he joined a local newspaper group and then went on to work as a free-lance
photographer for more than 20 years.

Amongst the professional commissions he accepted, Tim took photographs of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Rock legend Mick Jagger and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

"The advent of digital photography and computer-based processing couldn't have come soon enough for me!" says Tim. "The efficiency, the capabilities and the working environment, when released from the dark-room, are fantastic."

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  1. Sounds great,gonna go down now with tha family,enjoy the sunshine and the great bars on th harbour as well as the art.