Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ramsgate Trivia – The Ramsgate Society

Just strolling around Ramsgate yesterday noted a fading sign above a hairdressers for some long forgotten brand of beer “Allbright Pale Ale” no doubt from a time when it wasn’t thought normal to get drunk, guzzling copious amounts of foreign lager in order to support the national football team.

Anyhow the thought struck me, that had, the likes of today’s Ramsgate Society been stalking the streets when this sign had been painted, upholding their views on good taste I’d not have been pondering on our past, because it would been most likely erased long ago.ramsgate hairdresser posterThe recent hoo-hah over a tasteful poster advertising a hairdressers, in which Ramsgate cultural vigilantes have intervened is pitiful, admittedly the poster would have detracted from the view of the Texaco garage and Queens house, and distracted one from the Quikfit but we’d have learned to live with it.ramsgate rd

Mr Jocelyn McCarthy, of the Ramsgate Society, was reported by the BBC as referring to residents who had complained that it was distasteful to show "so much cleavage on a public building" *most of us would have not have even noticed it and if we had, probably not given it much thought.

I imagine the poster would have only be a temporary feature of the landscape, like other business signage including the one I mentioned at the start which is gradually fading.

*Reference BBC report

*Please note that this posting has been edited to correct a misquote of Mr McCarthy, apologies for any misunderstanding and thank you to “Readit” for pointing it out.


  1. Can the Ramsgate Society tell me when the optics of the old camera obscura that used to stand on the west pier are going to put to their original use again instead of corroding in storage? Might be a better project than forcing people to take down inoffensive advertising.

  2. Please get up to date on this blog.
    Jocelyn McCarthy of the Ramsgate Society received a full apoligy from the BBC for them mis-quoting him on their website.

    The BBC crucially omitted to print the full sentence which started "They said it showed too much cleavage........ He was quoting the view of some local residents.

    I suggest you should apologise to him also.

  3. Apologies to Mr McCarthy please note the post has been corrected, thanks for pointing it out.