Thursday, June 03, 2010

Shock Horror as “4 Star” Kent Council in 5 day Cock-up - retiring Chief Exec had to hang on while interim post filled

Crikey like me, you’ve probably read all those publications from KCC droning on about how flippin marvellous they are, how about this one I just tripped over.

It has been no secret that the  “Great” former Chief Executive Peter Gilroy would be retiring this last May, it was in the public domain back in September as this report from Paul Francis, broke the news to a tearful public.

I must admit, myself I bitterly regret, not accepting the offer of meeting with Mr Gilroy to discuss KCC’s use of digital media particularly as it impacted my freedom of speech.

Anyhow it seems that due to some oversight, despite all that notice and Kent being an “excellent authority”, it was necessary for Mr Gilroy to extend his service, so that Kent County Council would not be without a senior officer, apparently its a legal requirement, any how its all sorted now.

David Cockburn was appointed as interim Chief Executive until Katherine Kerswell takes over, who will apparently be known as Group Managing Director, why the change in the title, its not been explained, probably has something to do with the rather odd idea that civil servants and local authority bods like to pretend there running commercial enterprises rather than administering serivice, its how I guess some justify lavish salaries and fat bonuses.

Take a gander this brief report click here

getatempin Ps not sure whether the extra 5 days resulted in any additional bonuses I think we should be told.

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