Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kent explains big bonus but are things any clearer?

KM's Kent online website has a story which quotes a statement from Kent council which I assume seeks to explain the highly controvershall payment to ex-employee Adam Wilkinson who resigned on personal grounds from the council. An astonishing sum of £365,000 was paid out after just 12 months service.

Having read the article I find myself with no clearer idea of why KCC handed over so much money.

Below are some extracts taken from Paul Francis's article of Cllr Roger Gough, KCC cabinet member for corporate services, statement "We fully understand how people feel about large payments and we feel the same way.

"Kent County Council does not enter into contracts to pay people large sums of money when they leave.

"This happened two years ago and has no impact on decisions we are making now. We are unable to say more because of the contractual agreement made with Mr Wilkinson. The problem we face is that employment laws are onerous and need to be reformed. We will lobby the Government for a change of the law."

My view if KCC don't enter in to contracts to pay employees big sums what's this all about also just onerous law forces KCC to make fat payments and bonuses like that for example given to Peter Gilroy another two hundred grand.

Finally until Kent council can give a credible reason for this payment, many of us will continue to call for Paul Carter Conservative leader to reasign.

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  1. If the law is an ass as KCC see it why is KCC alone as an employer paying out when an employee leaves of his own free will? There cant be many answers to this: KCC employ incompetent HR staff and heads must roll: corruption and collusion has taken place in which case this needs investigating. KCC cannot just let this go with their usual contempt of the taxpayers and must instigate a public enquiry.

  2. I feel this is a scandal which cannot be brushed aside with inventive waffle

  3. Absolutly!"If KCC fully understand how people feel about large sums of money,they feel the same way"??What a lot of B..ll.cks!Why pay it then!!?It amounts to £1000 a day!OBSCENE....

  4. Corrupt Kent County Council strike again when will the sheeple wake-up ?

    Of course Carter should be removed but who will replace him ? the whole lot should be given their marching orders, they are not in the slightest bit bothered they are still racking it in themselves.

  5. wonder if this little lot had any say?

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  6. 12:33 Who knows what influence our apron wearing friends have, still I do recall one of the thing, that caused a KCC contractor to threaten me with legal action was reference to KCC apparently promoting Freemasonary.

    Enough said

  7. Is a full list of local Freemason members available?