Friday, June 18, 2010

Time for Kent Council Leader Paul Carter to resign?

I thinks so and for those of you unaware, take a gander at the Daily Mail Story, yet another shocking example of a Kent Council officer, apparently being paid an outrageous bonus although this time its not for doing his job its worse than that.

In a nutshell Adam Wilkinson was employed by KCC as director of environment and regeneration, on £70,000PA which for the important sounding job title is not unreasonable, now here is the controversial part after 12 months he decided the job was not for him, unlike you and I, Kent Council paid out a fat bonus of £365,000.00 which works out a grand a day. What for, KCC wont say?

Never forget this is your money, and we elect councilors to guide, govern and scrutinise the running of our local government, to provide services, at the top of the heap is Conservative Leader Paul Carter, who surely must be aware one hopes of such arrangements.

Assuming that is the case, ask yourself this is Paul Carter the right person to lead the council, presumably at some point someone in Kent councils cabinet must have endorsed this payment?

Its my view that there is a culture shared with officers and conservative councilors that they are in some fantasy commercial organisation run for the benefit of senior officer and a weird idea that such officers should get bonuses for doing their job. Its your money being wasted which should be spent on services.


The Prime Minister David Cameron has in my mind, given a lead, on what is expected in the public sector, Paul Carter’s administration has given us enough examples of waste and reckless spending. If I was the Prime Minister I’d be putting pressure on Kent Tories to get their act together and persuade Cllr Carter to resign now.

PS There was a time when we referred to public servants, I’m not sure of an apt name for Kent Councils senior officers! suggestions welcome


  1. You may ask why KCC are advertising for a senior recruitment manger at Kings Hill at £41k when in the next 2 years 700 jobs are to go at KCC.

  2. Only the equivalent of a years council tax for a small village or about 350 homes.

  3. It would be nice but Carter please Don't go


  4. Love the last comment. Wonder what his severance package will be ?

  5. cllr Carter is the Elected leader and does the job because he loves to serve the community. He gets allowances and expenses of about £40,000 p.a.
    If the voters decide to throw him out he will get £0. But the cons on the council could decide they no longer want him as leader and he will get the members allowance of about £12,000.
    I an sure also like many of local councillors whether on KCC or TDC they do the job because of self interest and the desire to get a knighthood or at least an OBE.
    You all know these councillors.

  6. Did you also see that KCC went on a recruiting mission to Boston USA where they recruited 4 social workers to work in Thanet. Because as everyone knows there is full employment in Thanet so they couldn't possibly hire anyone locally.

    Oh also take a look at the £188,000 in bonuses paid out to the KCC "directors". What with the £1.2 million blown on the unwatched KentTV and the £50million lost in the Icelandic black hole how the tories continue to run KCC I'll never know.

    Time to remove party politics from running local government.

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