Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bob Geldof to get honorary degree

The University of Creative Arts, no I’d not heard of it either, it’s the university that specialises in creativity and straddles Kent and Surrey and is to award an honorary degree to local hero Bob Geldof.

According to the BBC’s report on the matter Dianne Taylor, Pro Vice-Chancellor at the university, has said: "As a broadcaster and musician, Bob Geldof's contribution to the creative arts has been substantial.

"He will be an inspiration to our graduating students."

She added: "As a Kent resident he has been tireless in promoting education in the local area, opening schools and supporting local campaigns."

Still I can vouch for the creativity of Bob Geldof’s colleagues in his media business Ten Alps, when they wrote to me complaining about my opinions on the Taxpayer funded Kent TV, a Kent Council project which they happened to be contracted to produce. No surprise that I found it a bit offensive & ironic, to have a contractor company working on behalf KCC, funded by taxpayers like you and I, advising me what I could or couldn’t say.

I myself would like to dish out a few honorary degrees from the University of Life, to those local bloggers and others who supported me most notably Eastcliff Richard in my quest to get Kent Council to accept my right to free speech, the matter eloquently reported by Eastcliff Richard at the time.

Well there is no doubt that Bob is deserving of honours for humanitarian relief and business acumen, I’m no expert but I’ll reserve judgement on his media career, no doubt this personal triumph will take his mind off this story from the Guardian “Ten Alps shares hit after revenue falls”

Still I have to say that Bob Geldof or rather his business has inspired me to keep this blog, and not allow myself to be influenced by big interests and even better Bignews Margate has at the very least outlived Kent TV without a penny from the taxpayer.

Lets hope that hope that our experience in Kent will stop other local authorities wasting another penny on similar projects which in my view will as was the case with Kent TV unsustainable.


  1. Tony, you may still recall that county hall are still at it with Kent TV. Its just that its now called Kent Digital Services and will be embedded in the KCC web site. There is no sign of it yet although KCC were intending to take on 4 ex Ten Alps staff and the budget for this was set at £250,000. Maybe in these cash strapped times they are having second thoughts and will spend the money on essentials rather than luxuries!

  2. I never had anything against a low cost version of Kent TV, you know maybe using Youtube, perhaps a KCC officer or two who could education staff on how to use digital media, it shouldn't have required the many hundreds of thousands of pounds that it eventually cost.

    I still feel offended that a contractor working on behalf of Kent County Council made a representation apparently on behalf of KCC should attempt to advise a member of the public on what they can and cannot say particularly when in my opinion they were wrong.

    Just to make it perfectly clear I never ever suggested that staff of Ten Alps were anything but professional and since they appeared to be suggesting otherwise I contacted Ten Alps to make it clear that had not been the case.

    I made similar comments to those of say of Labour and Lib Dem leaders on Kent council, I just wonder if Ten Alps sent similar letters advising them what they could and couldn't say, probably not.

    If you ask me Kent TV offers a perfect lesson in why local authorities should stick to core services.