Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kent Council’s new conservation programme

I like to think of Kent’s Conservatives, as being a sort of rare breed, outside the mainstream of political life, indeed I believe that Paul Carter (Kent Councils Tory Leader) was one of the few hiccups apart from Nick Clegg in David Cameron’s recent election campaign.

Anyhow its seems that politicians at national level in the Coalition, Tory and Libs are pretty much on message as far as sorting out a bloated public sector.

However Kent’s Conservative County Councillors appear to be bucking the trend, suggest you take a gander at this from Paul Francis “Storm brews after council advertises jobs worth £70K – while staff face redundancy”.

Basically while 260 jobs in the children services department are about to go down Swanee, KCC led by Kent Tories are making up creating jobs and are seeking 12 “district heads of primary standard and school improvement” at around 70 grand a year, why?

All I can assume is that Kent Tories who themselves, strike me, as caricatures from a bygone age, with plumy voices, aloof manner, use to delegating tasks to the servants or rather “officers”, so my theory is this, as they themselves might well feel threatened, they empathise with useless Fat Cat bureaucrats, hoping to protect them, so that future generations of hard working taxpayers will be able to see Fat Cats in their natural environment, the local authority.

Imagine a world without pompous over-promoted bureaucrats, who would write long winded incomprehensible documents, never to be read, arrange or attending insanely boring and pointless meetings, not answer the phone, never clear clogged up voicemail boxes, and forget to change the out of office message on the email something like “at some ridiculously expensive conference having my ego massaged - please P Off”

Well done, KCC for creating a safe environment for Fat Cats to exist, one day I’m sure we will all thank you for having the courage to decimate your children's’ services department to conserve an endangered species.

In away it’s reassuring that Kent Council is immune from recession and austerity.

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