Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Margate on the up

I had chance to wander around Margate seafront, Saturday and without an big attraction this last weekend, it seemed busy in way it wasn’t a year or two back.

A regular reader sent me this clipping from the Times, apparently Margate has recently been listed as one of the nations top 40 beaches

“Margate Kent

The childhood home of Tracey Emin is turning trendy. Earlier this month Emin unveiled a work in neon lights saying “I never stopped loving you” at Droit House on the town’s seafront. There are lots of quirky cafés, retro clothing shops and old furniture shops — and a bit of a buzz about the town, which has a 200m sandy beach. There’s a new boutique B&B (thereadingroomsmargate.co.uk), with rooms that manage to combine the ornate with the minimalist. The Turner Contemporary Gallery (the artist painted many seascapes here) is due to open here next summer — with works by modern artists including Emin.visitthanet.co.uk

Times article click here

Anyhow I noticed a gallery in the old town I’d not seen before and was pleased that the Harbour Arm was busy, not only with the one day exhibition of Tim Spencer photographs but various other bits and pieces like the cafe, bar, bike hire place and ice cream vendor selling particularly gorgeous ice creams, I had raspberry and double cream I think very good.

Slowly but surely Margate coming back to life, although it was late in the afternoon when I went walking it was pleasing to see beach full of Times readers.

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  1. yes agree Tony,lots of good things happening,at last!!