Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where to make cuts No.1 & No2

David Cameron and the coalition are asking for input as to where cuts can be made in public spending, well suggestion number one, comes not surprisingly (for me) courtesy HM Revenue & Customs.

In what has become a twice yearly waste of money, I and I suspect many thousands receive a letter from a cretinous HM Revenue and Customs pointing out an award of £0.00 of tax credits.

Now despite HM Customs being informed some long years ago that we were no longer eligible, they have needlessly sent a determination (with big fat form) followed by an annual review (another fat form) every year for, I’m guessing about seven years.

Now it seems trivial and it is but surely in seven years or whatever these idiots at HM Revenue could stop wasting money. I’ve made numerous attempts to make contact with intelligent life but each time the 15 minutes waiting on a useless “helpline” has never succeeded in stopping this waste.

So money saving cut No1 is don’t keep chopping down trees and sending out bull***t letters and leaflets, money saving cut No.2 is if HM Revenue cannot sort out this trivial waste, then retire the Chief Executive, Lesley Strathie and get another one, crikey who would notice.

I have mentioned this in the past and probably will again in the future.

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