Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Apprentice effect - Holiday bookings up

Least that is probably the likely effect for those who endured last nights Apprentice and before anything else I reckon Mona was robbed.

Just imagine you’ve not been to Margate for while or ever, looking at last nights episode of the Apprentice, the chances are, you’d rather consider selling a kidney and having in a week in Magaluf, than a day trip to Margate as portrayed last night.

Still its not easy to promote Margate at the moment for reasons we all know Turner Contemporary would have been opened this summer but for Kent Council’s crazy choice to build a gallery in the north sea, Sandy “culture” Ezekiel council’s condemning the local museums to the pages of history.

I foolishly rang BBC Radio Kent’s, John Warnett & Julia George, to give my opinions on the Margate makeover, as you might expect I managed to come up with some hardcore waffle, and was getting pretty pleased with myself with some easy questioning from John Warnett and had a near panic attack when put on the spot by Julia George with her question about selling Margate to her and suggesting what is there for a couple in their mid thirties with a toddler.

Lets be honest what is there for a young family after the beaches, I suppose theirs the a couple of above average parks Northdown and Dane Park plus the new quarter million play area on the Cliff probably about as much entertainment as a toddler needs.

Anyhow if you still feel strong enough to endure another cringe making opinion, listen to my earlier radio effort.


  1. "Less Margate more Sea"

  2. In the 19th Century people used to tour and watch people with pychiatric problems in a asylum there was even guided tours of the Paris sewers. So remember one thing Tony, there is always hope.

  3. Oh come on..Walpole bay hotel is fab and not expensive-you should try and promote and visit wat is on your doorstep Tony-also free music festival last may weekend,packed with things for familys-free workshops music and SUNSHINE=also shell grotto,old town and MILES of golden sands,all free..

  4. Well done Tony! You cant suggest many family things to do because they arent there - Quex is about the only rainy day thing to suggest!

  5. 7:58 I thought I was very generous to the walpole bay hotel, since I know nothing other than, that gleaned second hand which is favourable.

    I didn't want to say it was cheap or expensive since I don't know.

    I'm using this blog as therapy, Tony.

    On Quex I visited 42 years ago on a school trip from Holy Trinity School Broadstairs it was the first stop, I seem to remember eating my sandwiches as we left. Its my opinion that the animals on view there will have barely moved in that time an as for the stick insects, I dont want to know.

  6. One of the finest Restaurants in East Kent is in Margate. The Indian Princess opposite the Tudor House. Those who have experienced it will know what I am talking about. They are a destination restaurant and draw people from outside Thanet to Margate. They have gained the attention of Michelin and have been inspected by them. They are hopeful to be in the guide book in 2010. The first to ever achieve this in Thanet.

  7. When I was kid (not THAT long ago) the beach was more than enough.
    Attention spans are the problem, not facilities.