Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crikey! How would “the Apprentice” promote Margate

Well we’ve already had the story in the papers and every other blog telling us about the BBC’s Apprentice show, which focuses on Margate tonight, and since I have Margate in the title of my blog I ought to comment. amarg6

In common others, I’m prepared to cringe at whatever comes our way, surely they couldn't do worse than our Sandy, his cohorts, the bankrupt Waterbridge company (Dreamland), the arts council, Seeda and not least KCC who managed to **** up the Turner Contemporary by choosing to build a gallery in the sea (a worlds first) rather than on the land which was how the other hundred odd architects' read the brief.amarg5

This week’s Thanet Times, itself in need of a bit of promotion, judging by the shrinking size, gives us a fairly comprehensive report from Thom Morris, apparently the two teams are assessed by some local worthies including Derek Harding who has some good ideas himself, Victoria Pomery who seems to know a bit about “Selling culture to Margate” click here also Phil Thorley (pubs), Sarah Vickery (Grotto), Jayne Bishop Hotel/Museum, Brian Sullivan Mayor, Thomas Reeves (flowers).

Still as an avid fan of the Apprentice shows, I think it unlikely there will be any inspirational ideas, from the pre-publicity, the best you might hope for is a well worked cliché one option I understand is pretty much the bulk standard bucket and spade family angle, the other slightly more inventive, is to market Margate as a niche product for gays, a sort of weird retro idea which would have been brilliant in the 1970’s when mainstream society was adjusting to the fact that being gay wasn’t actually anything other than something you are or aren’t.amarg2

Still more interesting than anything to do with Margate will be how the BBC edit the row which we were told was quite heated when idea of a gay resort was originally by Howard Ebison mooted, click here for earlier post.amarg3

The way I see Margate is that although spiv developers and arsonists have done their best to drag Margate down, there are still assets and things to promote Margate, not least its historic assets the Old Town, the Theatre Royal, Tudor House, Harbour Arm shortly the Turner Contemporary and even another worlds first, Dreamland, reincarnated as a theme park Museum (probably run by office wallahs who will put on a cloth cap and a boiler suit at the weekends to restore ancient fair ground rides)amarg1


  1. You're sacked....ermmm Fired!

  2. Thought Ben came up with the best one liners - "Margate is never going to be the Seychelles!" and "try to get some pictures not showing Margate!"
    Thought the family publicity was good! Interesting the person whom Mona met!

  3. I watched it last night but there wasn't really anything useful from it.

    The winning team's posters were much like ones we already have and obviously it was just about branding and not about actual plans to get visitors here.

    It does make you realise though that Margate hasn't been forgotten, there are some gems here, and that there could be a future for the place. I hope.

  4. I don't care what they said.