Friday, May 08, 2009

Thought for the day – Can you trust the police

I’ll make this simple, here is an interesting report from the BBC concerning a magistrate who has been under surveillance by Kent Police, for going to a climate change meeting?

It’s more that a month since Ian Tomlinson was attacked by a policeman from behind at a G20 protest, have the metropolitan police force charged anyone yet? Are they expecting us to just forget if so here’s my previous post to remind those who care.


  1. Essentially the police have "Peeping tommed" and should be charged at Common Law and bound over to keep the Peace by a Justice.

    In 1987 I was a member of the Territorial Army. About 21 TA men were arrested by DI George Rogers for paramilitary activity.

    A decision was taken not to bring charges. This was announced on Invicta radio with a police comment that they felt the Army had undermined them in the police wishes to charge the men.

    AFTER the decision not to bring charges (which caused shock throughout those in the Army who knew about the arrests) DI George Rogers asked to interview me.

    I had not been arrested and I was not involved.

    I looked into this a bit. I found that a "Sergeant from Ashford" had asked that DI Rogers interview me and take my statement.

    As far as I can tell this was a Sergeant in the Army Intelligence Corps based at Templar Barracks Ashford.

    So there we were. DI Rogers using a police position to gather information for those, outside the police, he had already press released as undermining his inquiries. I would say criminal abuse of office in the light of what later transpired.

    I would, from time to time, write to ROGERS about this to ask him questions. He always elected the silence of the more common criminal.

    It is time that we required that Judges administer Constable Oaths of Office and attend Police Training Colleges to teach the little thugs their constitutional role, position and duties. And those (like I imagine Rogers would have been) who Judges decide lack the ability to be Independent Ministerial Officers of the Crown should be immediately discharged from Crown Office by Judicial Authority.

  2. Richard Knox-Johnston, the magistrate mentioned, is the Chairman of CPRE Kent (i.e. my boss)and our big concern is that the police are going to be monitoring people to attend public meetings about Kingsnorth, are they also going to do the same for meetings for other major schemes - China Gateway, Manston, or the Kent International Gateway at Maidstone for example. When do things become 'national interest' issues?

    It's a challenging time for the democratic process in this country.

  3. Can you trust the police?
    Er... No of course not.

  4. Tony

    Do you think that Steve Ladyman MP should resign from being the local president of the Royal British Legion after voting against the Gurkas?

    Its a bit like a vicar voting against christmas!

  5. Should Steve Ladyman MP resign from his position as a local president of the Royal British Legion (page 35 Kent On Sunday- view online) after voting against the rights of the Gurkhas ?

    This is such an important subject yet not one blog is running it as a lead story - THE GURKHAS DESERVE BETTER!

  6. DR LADYMAN MP NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT OF THE RBL for voting against the very people he was chosen to speak up for!

  7. I am a life long socialist and I also think that STEVE LADYMAN needs to hand in his notice as president of the British Legion -

    If he spent half as much time looking after the Gurhkas as he does his expenses they would not a have a problem!