Monday, May 04, 2009

Things to do at the Weekend Idea No. 2 Get yourself elected

This morning my chilled out weekend has been interrupted by the sound of Labours Election leaflet coming through the letterbox.

Still for me it has a bit of every thing, a poster to stick in the window should I wish, photos of Clive Hart (newly appointed Labour Supremo) and Iris Johnson standing in front of various things like Northdown House a tree and even some bollards, what else, well, you have list of Tory waste in Kent which they calculate at 24 million which I don’t wish to contest but there are some items missing from the list like the 6 million spent on media advertising, also the likely spend of £350,000 sending 50+ to a folk life festival in Washington in 2007.

One final note worthy, section of the leaflet freedomfighter is the rather seemingly, over the top “Local Freedom Fighters” assertion which, once you consider that it refers to concessions for travel, may seem trivial, to those of us with access to our own vehicles but for a pensioner it must be a real bonus.

On the subject of freedom, a subject I’d like addressed, is the many millions of pounds of advertising and PR, Conservatives have agreed to, in running Kent council, I’m sure its not the intention or even happens but imagine your a local media firm and you have news which is not entirely complementary to the council and at the same time your bidding for a lucrative contract to advertise for one of the councils services like the pointless Healthwatch.

Anyway I shall now await a leaflet from Chris Wells & Michael Jarvis.

Finally those with nothing to do, you have till Thursday to hand in your nomination papers and stand in the County Council elections, I must say I’m disappointed that their has been no public uprising demanding I stand myself and confront those spend thrift blighters in Maidstone.


  1. I think we are doing you a favour Tony. We have saved you the hassle of finding 30 numpties to sign your application forms, several thousand pounds in leaflet costs, and countless hours trudging round your local streets only to find out that you don't have as many friends and supporters as you thought you had.

    Just sit back like the rest of us and enjoy the sight of the politicians having to eat humble pie and do some work for a change.

    P.S. You wouldn't have got elected anyway.

  2. For KCC elections you only need to find 10 people to sign your paper -one to nominate, one to second, and eight who live in the right area.

  3. Wait until District elections Tony, there will be independants standing unless we get a change of leadership of the Conservatives!

  4. you also need it signed by a teacher, doctor or a Disk Jockey.

  5. Sandy is a good leader and it is a well known fact that he always keeps his promises sometimes

  6. The voters do not much choice here, Tories or Labour. Just look at Margate High St, seafront etc to see how our lot have performed plus proposals to close Museuns etc. Albion House was recently featured on TV as a place where Queen Victoria nearly died, only our Council would be looking to develop it etc. Labour is also on a hiding with the current popularity of the Gov't which gets worse by the day. Defineitly time for the voters to have an alternative to the current lot. Where are the Liberals in this area?? Least the voters could give the current parties a wakeup call by voting for an alternative!!

  7. We need a Margate Town Council!

  8. We do not need any more administration (another town council!) we just need the current district council to work for the towns. Broadstairs full at the weekend, Ramsgate the same - where were the punters at Margate, just a few on the beach or in Primark!nothing else for them to do

    We Have a UK Parliament;
    we have a Scottish Parliament;
    we have a Welsh Assembly;
    we have a N.Irish Assembly.

    We've a Thanet District Council;
    we've a Broadstairs Town Council;
    we've a Ramsgate Town Council;
    we've a Birchington Parish Council

    I feel that it is rather unfair that the people of ENGLAND and MARGATE seem to be treated as second class citizens, we deserve the same representation as someone living in Wales or Ramsgate!

  10. Well that's my political aspirations dealt with, I was hoping for a late ground swell of Thanetians demanding that I stand in the county elections and fight for efficient services and no frills from inside.


    I shall have just carry on my campaign of education for politicos and officers from the sidelines.

  11. The aministration has created a Thanet in which Ramsgate and Broadstairs each have their own Town Councils.

    Why refuse to give any such recognition to Margate?

    It is a great injustice to the people of Margate.