Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well Done Roger Latchford on Thanets Padlock Weekend

Its not often here at Bignews we feel it necessary to heap praise on our esteemed local leaders but given my experiences this weekend I feel it would be mean not to thank Cllr Roger Latchford for the sterling efforts made by TDC, to ensure that no indolent taxpayer or visitor with a long weekend, gets to enjoy access to Thanet’s more precious assets, everything seems to have been padlocked.italianate Glasshouse

Yesterday I made the mistake of thinking I could reasonably expect to enjoy a bit of quiet contemplation, in the walled garden of Northdown Park, today I was even more stupid to think I could expect to take some pleasure, in visiting the Italianate Greenhouse in King Edward VI park.

It would be fair to say I’m being a tad picky, you know, what sort of a person would want to visit, this little architectural gem on a sunny bank holiday weekend, and its a question that could be asked of the steady trickle of about 10 people who approached the greenhouse, in the space of about 5 minutes, whilst I was there, particularly annoyed must have been the couple, who told me they’d driven down from London.

We’ve heard often enough how the arts and culture is roger pivotal in the regeneration process, I believe I’ve even heard this from Cllr Latchford himself, as Deputy Leader of the council and cabinet member with assets as one of his portfolios, so well done for excluding the public from Thanet's gems like this and others.

Apologies I’ve probably pre-empted TDC press and media officers who will no doubt be sending out a press release on Tuesday to let us know how blimin marvellous everything is.


  1. They lock all the stuff that should be open and leave open all the stuff that should be closed.

  2. A couple of years ago on the May Bank Holiday the Broadstairs lift was locked up tight (only open weekends until Whitsun, apparently). We had a visitor in a mobility scooter who was, as a result, unable to gain access to the lower promenade since the approach at Louisa Bay is too steep. By contrast when he arrived by train the staff here, on the train and at Victoria couldn't have been more helpful. Get on the beach? No chance.

  3. The lift at Walpole Bay hasn't worked for ages. Not at all this year. Al those assisted living flats on Eastern Esplanade but no beach for you.

  4. One does feel that Tourism in this area is sadly neglected/promoted. We have millions in London, Kent etc living on our doorstep, but what is there for them to visit especially if it is raining? In Broadstairs over Easter the town was deserted by 5.30pm. We need to encourage people to stay longer rather than just rely on "Day trippers"