Friday, May 15, 2009

Tagged by Labour

labtag As you do, from time to time, last night I thought I’d type my name into a search engine, out of pure nostalgia for a time before Google existed, I thought I’d give yahoo ago see if still worked.

Anyhow, trawling through and after passing an ancient reference to me and what I think Catholics call self abuse, I find that I’m tagged on Bloggers4Labour website.

Quite what this means I’m not sure, I hope its not similar to the practice of Mormons who I understand go through lists of the departed, from ancient church records and somehow acquire into their own organisation.

So let me take the opportunity to point out that, I am not a member of the Labour Party or whilst on the subject a Tory, its true I have in my time I’ve voted for both and probably will in the future, I’d describe myself as something far more dangerous, an independent Liberal thinker.

Right now I’m inclined to take Norman Tebbits advice and vote for anything but Tory and I included New Labour Tories, I’m not sure quite why he’s taken against David Cameron, myself its a factor of rude local politicians and waste not least at county level where money is being poured away on a succession of crazy projects.

As for Labour its not even the defrauding of the public by MPs’ claiming bogus expenses (their all at it), its a bit deeper, the accumulated waste of their time in office, encroachment of Liberty, Tony Blair sending men & women to war on bogus intelligence, the perpetuation of crazy lax financial regulation created by Thatcher’s loony economists, allowed mass immigration to destroy the living standards of the working people who’ve built and invested in this country.tagged

PS I think one day Tony Blair will be reassessed by historians as the biggest charlatan to have held the office of Prime Minister, apart from walking away from Ten Downing street to take up lucrative business opportunities what did he actually do?



  1. Rude local politicians? A case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one Tony!