Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sandy fights off Challenge


Gluttons for punishment is my view, of the majority of local Conservatives, since yourthanet informs us that Sandy Ezekiel has withstood a leadership challenge despite the recurring bad publicity, from his recent censure, which as I recall, was mitigated by the fact that toward the end of the enquiry into Sandy’s behaviour toward Iris Johnson, he had the instinct to send an apology to members of the council.gideon


Jo Gideon & Chris Wells stood against the twice censured Sandy Ezekiel and apparently as I understand, it from my source, it all got a excitable when the Winter Gardens was mentioned.

Anyhow the upshot, is that despite this assault on his position Sandy,  can be quite magnanimous in victory saying this earlier in morning "It was a very honourable event and I really can't blame either of them for wanting to lead the council because they are both excellent candidates and extremely good politicians – and, after all, it's a great job.

A leader, a man at ease with life and a gentleman, not one to take it personally, still I understand sometime after the “honourable” statement he er …. sacked Jo Gideon from her Cabinet post!


Still just so we don’t forget Sandy Triumphs here’s his last apology (although it seems qualified)Imsosorrysandy

And this extract from the summation of his earlier Standards Board round “The ethical standards officer concluded, based to a significant extent on Councillor Ezekiel’s own evidence, that Councillor Ezekiel had been offensive and discourteous towards the retiring mayor and another councillor. The available evidence was not sufficient for her to reach a conclusion about the allegation of threatening behaviour towards the town sergeant. Click here for the whole thing 

All credit to the following, for having stood up to Sandy and his clique, Jo Gideon, Chris Wells, Simon Moores, Bill Hayton, Alasdair Bruce and Jason Savage.

Still for balance if anyone has anything positive to say about Sandy feel free to do so.



  1. My estimation of Jo Gideon and Chris Wells has risen. Good for them - they are what Thanet needs and wants.

  2. Here, here, they are made of better stuff than the likes of Gregory, Wise, Watt-Ruffell, Day, Latchford and any of the other unsaviouries, you know what Tony you and others need to stand as independants "out for the good of the towns" not "for your own benefit" which seems to be the current perception!

  3. Very pleased to hear that Moores is offering some opposition!about time!

  4. Moores' opposition being exactly what?

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Moores' opposition being exactly what?

    Thu May 07, 08:24:00 PM

    promotion to Jo Gideons cabinet post,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    'nuff said really !!!!

  6. this discounts the fact that mr wells left kcc cabinet after allegations of bullying staff.

  7. Yes Tony you may have got the plotters wrong or Sandy has rewarded one with a cabinet post not sure which?

  8. Was there mores than one spy in Sandys camp guvnor?

  9. moores now has Jo's job? thats rather strange!

  10. Was there a spy looking out for sandy?

  11. The dregs of humanity seem to have slipped out of No.10 and taken root in your blog Tony. How can any sane and decent person write this stuff about fellow human beings? Even if it was true? If the leader of the council had a mad few seconds in the high street in Margate the badness is countered a million fold by the premeditaed evil that drips from the keyboard of these bloggers who clearly hold themselves up to be bastions of society. What a sad sick society we live in. And people like you support and presumably revel in it. If you have one, I don't think your family would be proud of you. And the same goes for those of your bloggers.

  12. ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

  13. Evil Triumphs when Good Men Do Nothing !!!

  14. Evil Triumphs when bloggers say Nothing !!!

  15. But who could trust or respect a blogger who says such evil things? Or allows them to be said?

    It is the Labour Party who have been shown to be nasty at the highest level, and the same culture is there for all to see locally.

    It must have taken courage to support their leader in the face of so much hostility from the appalling lower elements of Thanet society such as who comment on sites like this, and the leader clearly must be a man of many good qualities for him to be elected again.

    I don't know many people who are prepared to be swept aside by a bad person in any walk of life these days, and your bloggers must have little experience if they believe anyone would vote for someone who is as bad as you make out.

    Sometimes you just get the feeling that envy and jealously are the reasons for these ugly postings from people who clearly don't have much in their lives to be proud of about themselves.

  16. Evil People were also jealous of Saddam but he had a way of getting them to shut up!

  17. Yes lets ban the evil free speech rule on blogs because people who tell it as it is, are just jealous and evil; there must be someting wrong with jealous people who are too lazy to be greedy!

    HOW dare those bloggers not buy into our nasty little way of thinking!

  18. You'll have to excuse me I've been away from the keyboard for a day or two.

    Frankly I couldn't be bothered and when I could I was working.

    Any how, the correspondent(anon 2:21 Fri) going on about premeditated comment, that bloggers' tend to come out with, well I'm sorry that I sometimes happen to think before I write.

    I'll try not to do it again! In the mean time go buy a newspaper

    Re Simon Moores I'm sure he's not that machiavellian.

    Lets hope free speech makes a comeback despite political cretins

  19. As people keep harping on about the winter gardens event of some two years ago, why not mention that poor Cheryl Ezekiel had to suffer months of bullying and harrasement from Douglas Clark JP. That would be enough to make any caring husband boil over, especially as he was deliberatly led into the situation.

    No one has mentioned that Douglas Clark JP has been censured because of his behaviour, no one mentions that Iris has had a letter telling her to back off going on about the grievance to Mrs Ezekiel. Why hasn't that come out, Labour have got something to hide haven't they!!!!

    It has been said before that this has been sweot under the carpet because of who she is married to, but let me tell you that if this happened in any other company, it would have been curtains for the MD who did the bullying. The previous Mayor and Charter Trustees should be thankful that Mrs Ezekiel didnlt take them to the cleaners with the Industrial Tribunal, that would have been several thousand of taxpayers £'s down the drain, just what Labour need at the moment.

    Maybe that should get into smudger or IOTG.

  20. "She further concluded that even if Councillor Clark had behaved as the complainant and other members of his political group had alleged, his behaviour would not have been sufficiently disrespectful to be a breach of the Code of Conduct."

    suggest you check out Standards Board conclusion sunshine

  21. Sunshine here Big News, suggest you talk to Mrs Ezekiel, for whatever reason her complaint didn't get to the standards board, no cover up there then.

    He did not get hauled up in front of them for bullying and harrasment on some eight counts I understand, plus the others that the union held back on, stinks that he can get away with this not beng put into the public domain.

    It seems that people think that the WG episode and Mrs Ezekiels complaints were the same thing, but they weren't at all.

    Maybe someone shuld speak to her or her union to find out the true facts, and maybe you should too Tony, before you deride me for not doing the samee. There are huge variances in this, but it comes down to the same thing, she wasn't treated fairly, either by Mr Clark JP, or afterwards because the WG episode took over the facts, and because she is just the secretary, it got overlooked.

    I say again, find out you facts.

  22. Tony, perhaps you should ask why did it take the Margate Charter Trustees over 18 months to deal with Mrs Ezekiels complaint of harrasement & bullying.

    Why did it take the unions threat of legal action to get them to meet and finally agree sanctions against Cllr Clark, three days before Christmas?

    Why did the standards board deem that this was a matter for the Charter Trustees to deal with and not them, nothing to do with who was sitting on the board at the time, nothing to do with a former officer of the council who may have had a axe to grind and Mrs Ezekiel became the scapegoat?

    The whole thing stinks, Sunshine is right, if this was an employee of the Council or any other organisation, hell would break loose, and thusands could be paid in compensation. What on earth is Mrs Ezekiel doing still working for a bunch who took so long to meet, let alone resolve her complaint?

    Tony, get the blood hounds out!!