Monday, May 11, 2009

oink! oink! picture quiz? and quotes offered “In good faith”

I’m not to sure about the above picture are these chaps common or garden porkers or more lard-di-dah exotic hogs?

As for the fellows quoted below I’m convinced that their not porkers but honourable members of parliament!

Extracts taken from BBC news pages

Immigration minister Phil Woolas has also threatened legal action over "disgusting" allegations he claimed for women's clothing, nappies and comics.

Margaret Moran, Labour's Luton South MP, told the BBC the paper's report was "inaccurate" and "probably actionable".

Ms Blears said the claims were "entirely in accordance with the rules" adding: "I have only ever had one small, one-bedroom flat at any time in London."

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said he had repaid £1,500 which he claimed to cover the full rate of council tax on his constituency home - when he was getting a 50% discount. He told the BBC he had acted "in complete good faith and within the rules" but regretted the "error" on council tax.

More than £2,000 received by Conservative policy chief Oliver Letwin to replace a leaking pipe under a tennis court. He responded: "I was served a statutory notice by the water company to repair the leaking pipe, which runs underneath the tennis court and garden. No improvements were made to the tennis court or garden."

Shadow universities secretary David Willetts' claim of more than £100 for workmen to replace 25 light bulbs at his home. "We had problems with our lighting system which had caused many lights to fuse and needed the attention of an electrician," he said.

Thousands of pounds for renovations claimed by shadow home secretary Chris Grayling at a London flat 17 miles from his family home. He said: "In addition to serving my constituents, I have spent several years serving in the shadow cabinet, currently as the shadow home secretary. A second home enables me to meet those commitments." In response to an allegation that he delayed claims to maximise what he received, he said all claims had been submitted "at the point which I received the invoices".

The above are quotes from BBC News pages, click here and follow the trail


  1. One wonders Where does the "gravy train"end?? First MP'S, quess we will also see other public servants lower in the scale exposed to their excesses.

  2. Tony, do you think TDC paying money to hold a council meeting somewhere else is a waste of your money?

  3. no they are wild hogs, swine family!

  4. Tony, todays news include a former Tory minister Douglas Hogg - or that should be Hog. Now he claimed so much for so many different things that the fees office set up a monthly standing order.

  5. ....and today's Rogues Gallery can be seen on the Daily Telegraph website:

  6. ....and today's Rogues Gallery can be seen on the Daily Telegraph website:

  7. No wonder he wants his moat cleared.
    A good precaution.

  8. Get a load of his house!

  9. STEVE LADYMAN MP should donate some of his expenses to the Gurkas as a pay back for voting against them, it would be the least he could do as the local President of the Royal Britsh Legion!