Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My lost weekend

Pretty much all my weekend was taken up and I had no chance to get out other than for work, I just wonder how the bike weekend went and that Dreamland production at the Theatre Royal, Margate.

Have a few fish to fry today, just had a quick glance at Kent on Sunday, on page 10 Kent top police bod Mike Fuller is interviewed don’t see an awful lot about our surveillance society or that bad behaviour by his officers at Climate Change Camp.CropperCapture[15]

Anyhow if I’ll not doubt post a load of more considered waffle on some subject later in the day.

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  1. Tony I note that you have the time to add a comment to DR Moore's blog. The very point of webcast of council meetings is that its not possible for many people to take time off work to attend such meetings. The only people that can are the already retired and unemployed and many of the retired already sit on the councils!. Even if its 50 people let alone 100 that watch a council meeting online its has to be a worthwhile. That would be a big increase in the few journalists that may attend. The other more important point is that the council members knowthat they are being watched.