Monday, May 18, 2009

Conservatives promote closed minds

In what I consider a rather unsporting move, I see that my local Tory candidates for Margate & Cliftonville, Michael Jarvis & Chris Wells have this strap line “DON’T CALL ON ME, I’M VOTING FOR” (Their names inserted below), no doubt this, has the effect of deterring the opposition and at the same time lowering their morale.

Still such tactics, will not influence me, since I like to look a bit deeper, and it will take more than a rather superficial load of old waffle from Paul Carter (Kent Tory Leader) who if he had more about him, could have enhanced his personal standing by dealing with my complaint about a certain threatening council contractor in a more timely fashion.

One rather laughable, suggestion is how Tories are keeping Kent moving, it looks like, Paul Carter, Chris Wells and Michael Jarvis have never driven around Westwood Cross, also they wont have noticed the poor connections that Thanet has to major roads, will any of us, live to see Ramsgate or Margate connected by dual carriageway to the rest of the world. I think not, at least not, whilst West Kent & Maidstone Tories are looking after their own part of Kent.Tory Propoganda I find Paul Carter aloof and remote which is probably not an issue in West Kent & Maidstone, since things in that part of Kent aren’t too bad and in part because much of our local tax goes to support, grossly overpaid pen pushers around Maidstone and West Malling, I guess that pretty much anyone with a Tory rosette can get themselves elected but here in East Kent I hope that we could be a little more demanding particularly as we get a very poor return on our money.

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  1. I cant speak for Maidstone but here in West Kent we have our share of poor road, we must have bigger pot holes than you!, it takes months on end to get street lights fixed. The pavements are often very shoddy. The grass verges get cut 12 times per years in West Kent, but why do they do this in the winter months and not more frequently when the grass is growing? Something to do with the contractor being KCC's own commercial enterprise?
    We have our share of failing schools and without the millions of pounds from central government many schools would be crumbling away. And we all pay for Turner mark 1 and 2, for Kent TV, the KCC publicity machine and for Kent health watch. We all also pay for the BIG FAT pay cheques and pensions that the bosses at KCC get given.

    I must not forget allowances and expenses given to the 84 council members. It average at about £22K each. You may be interested to know that as an example Gloucestershire and Leicestershire councillors only average £14K each for doing the same job.

    But do Kent residents realise any of this when they vote! Do they know its all down to KCC and not the local Town hall or central government.