Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Broadstairs the weekends big winner

Its curious that Broadstairs is one of the more restrained towns, on the coast which is probably the reason, it’s always popular.

Visiting all three towns the best place to be this last weekend for me, had to be Broadstairs, as many suspect, I haven’t got a clue, what’s going on half the time, which is why I found it a surprise to see it so busy.

As I say I’m not sure, what was going on but there was a small fair plonked up by Victoria Gardens, some stalls along the cliff top with various artworks, for sale and I didn’t notice any padlocks in use.

Not knowing who organised things or what it was all about all I can say is thank you and point out it certainly put Margate in the shade well done.


  1. I have been mulling this over Tony and i think it is because Broadstairs has always aimed at a different clientele and they havent dropped it in favour of Spain for their holidays, they just like the family atmosphere and the odd ice cream and no need for entertainment they make their own - beach activities!the same can be said of Whitstable. I think the arty stuff in Margate might entice them to explore it a bit more and fill up the longer beach a bit!

  2. Well Tony,we stayed in margate over the weekend and it was great.the sound of music festival was on and there was a stage set up on the parade,the cafe's all had there tables out and it was packed with people enjoying themselves sitting in the sun enjoying themselves listening to music.There was also classical music on the harbour arm and activities on the beach-also a new bistro opened on the harbour and a pie and mash shop in the old town(doing a roaring trade)well done to all