Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sandy & Roger fail Margate and Waste Assets

I don’t know how things ever got to this stage but what an example of mismanagement or rather three examples. Assets owned by the council, which some members of the public may wish to take advantage of, but closed, due one assumes to the “high calibre” of council officers in TDC and even more capable leadership in the form of Sandy and his side kick Roger.

First we’ve already seen issoffSandy’s administrative clique screw up Northdown House, but it looks as if to spite, the people of Margate they’ll withdraw access to the walled garden in Northdown Park presumably so that at some point in the future, attempts can be made to sell off a nice piece of land to perhaps Thanet’s connected spiv developers.

Incidentally no notice or reason is given for closure of this part of Northdown Park, but their is some moronic notice about the Drop and Cop it campaign littering the wall.

You’ll have to excuse me, been out on my push slingitbike this afternoon, have fallen into a “whatever happened to Margate” mood anyway next example Margate Museum, which as we all know has been closed, no money apparently, but then as I understand a most Tory councillors have been offered enhanced allowances from those on the Top table ie, Sandy’s inner circle.

Lastly the Tudor House, closed as ever.


PiazzaalivewiththesoundofEven Turner Contemporary, has made an effort this weekend pity its not a tad more mainstream otherwise I’d be out now.

Rather depressingly on page 6 of this weeks KM Extra is the list of members allowances for council members during 2008, on top of his basic allowance of £4,352 Sandy Ezekiel gets an additional allowance £18,050 for what? I ask. Still as local Conservatives keep pointing out, he is the best they’ve got which is more than a bit of a worry.

Maybe I need to chill out perhaps a trip to the museum, a look round an historic house or even a bit of quiet contemplation in the park, still thats what got me going in the first place.


  1. Sandy lives in Broadstairs you think he gives a toss

  2. So what if he lives in Broadstairs - he will be the leader for six more years and there is nothing anyone can do about it as he can't be made to leave!