Saturday, May 16, 2009

made in margate

As a public service and also just to make a further point that despite the effects of years of neglect the Margate is still alive and well.

I’ve drawn your attention in the past to work, to improve Margate’s Harbour arm, and this weekend is notable since there is a new exhibition.

I was lucky enough to be alerted to this new exhibition of work by local artists. Adrian Day who has a picture in the show and was kind enough to send me an Email invite.made in margate I often wonder whether I’m impartial, or not but since I sensed their might be a free drink at last night’s informal opening, I thought it important to take a stroll.

Any how there is a variety of work on display, as I understand this is a sort of collaborative effort and for what I know it was impressive.

Also worth noting is the new cafe “Be Beached” open on the Harbour arm, which you can read about here on the Margate Architecture weblog, also I had a quick tour of work on the bar at the end which will open shortly with a new raised floor so that those sitting inside, can have an improve view, across to the harbour and to the centre of the town.

I’m not sure whether it opens this weekend or next* but anyhow there will be music on Sundays for the benefit of punters with some excellent views thrown in for free.

*I was told but I’m probably having a senior moment, If you know, do please comment and also go along and take a gander.

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  1. The Lighthouse Bar will be open tomorrow from 12.30. We'll open at weekends for a few weeks then will have longer opening hours during the summer proper, including music events as Tony mentioned. Totally concur with Margate Architecture about BeBeached - fantastic food for veggies and meaties. Cheers Tony!