Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Re Northdown Park

After remarking on Thanet Council’s closure of part of Northdown park, as you might imagine(or prefer not to), I made enquiries to TDC press office, who inform me that the reason the walled garden, was closed, was to due safety concerns with a raised paving slab and not as I thought that some council officer just thought “bollix we’ve better things to do, than allow access to public assets by the er public”.

Now I applaud their worries, about safety it doesn't normally bother themwhich are clearly a departure from their concern for Margate Residents, who during the refurbishment of the Old Town pavements and roads, were subject to all manner of potential hazards, work materials just left heaped up, unmarked, unfenced and pavements left with tripping hazards and even supplies of paving slabs cut to a convenient size, for local work shy yobs, to use if the urge had taken them to put through local windows. If you don’t believe me click on this earlier post when I mistakenly blamed KCC Highways when credit should have gone to muppets closer to home.

I’m informed that this will be rectified in the next couple of weeks. Brilliant!

In the meantime maybe TDC could do more to encourage the use of local parks.


  1. Well Tony, it looks like the solution to the raised paving stone could be in your hands. Do the public spirited thing and take you spade roud to the park and fix it! I think Health and Safety wont let you though and you will get arrested for damage to the park.
    Ask the local councilor to go with you and get him to pick up the spade.

  2. Interesting as the district councillors for that ward are Ezekiel, Sullivan or Wise - dont think you will get them doing much.Despite Sandy saying he is passionate about his ward - he is invisible within it!


  4. Not the Northdown Park of my childhood I take it?

    Do you remember the pond?