Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Evidence emerges that Manston existed before Infratil

plane myths A casual glance at Google Earth leads me to suspect that air transport has existed longer than local cranks, environmentalist, SMEG (the one man environmental group) would have us believe, since looking at the countryside near Challock I spotted this seemingly ancient image which appears to replicate the silhouette of a modern airliner.

Even more convincing are references to Manston going back to the 1940’s and beyond in histories of the Battle of Britain but they also mention Hawkinge, which is a surely just a new housing estate so its probably just a myth.Hawkinge Environment Heaven Buildingsite Put the mental in back environmental, join the cranks and create Manston houseing estate.

A clear majority of Thanetians support Infratil at Manston and are more than happy, that our local council are doing their best to support the airport.


  1. 1) Well done Tony, you clearly don't want an air-field on this site and would prefer to see green-fields

    2) My house dates from 1822 and so by your logic, those of us who own period properties that were all built here before the airport have more of a 'claim' on the area than whichever 'outfit' has leased/owned the runway since it was built

    3)I know you get about on the tracks a bit Tony but isn't your ego running a little wild claiming that you speak for the majority of Thanetians? Come over to the West Cliff of the Millionaires Playground and I'll prove you and any councillors wrong.

    As for the opening smears on your post, you conveniently missed a few anti-groups out, namely investors, head-teachers and those who in general who wish that those who live in Margate, stayed in Margate!

    Jealousy so rarely travels well.


  2. I love the way you lump environmentalists in with cranks.
    Sums up the whole Keep Manston Polluting Campaign really.

  3. This has nothing whatsoever to do with 'Environmentalism' in it's truest sense as far as I'm concerned.

    It's about NOISE, NOISE & NOISE and destroying a potentially prosperous sea-side town forever on the whim of who? Some here- today, gone-tomorrow freight-cargo operators and a gang of local councillors who have NEVER consulted the residents of Ramsgate about any of this.

  4. Marie were you born in 1822 clearly not

    I love enviro-crazies no doubt you'll turn up at Manston tonight hope there's somewhere to park your car.

    I wouldn't mind if you cranks actually looked at the cause of your problems first don't live near an airport or buy with the hope the airfield will fail and thus you make a profit.

    In the wider world of climate crazzies has nobody noticed the real cause, the world population increase out of control.

    I'm entitled to an ego, just like enviro-bullies who call themselves a group.

    And really why don't any of you nutters have the honesty to use your own names

    Finally if you feel I've an ego check ECR

  5. What would it gain you or anyone else if I were to use my real name then? What are you planning? What do you have in mind? Do tell. Would it involve a home-visit?

    You do seem a little rattled.

  6. It would add nothing, except credibility, since so far in the blogosphere we have SMEG ECR yourself Marie.

    The chances are that these are all one and the same, some crank with multiple personalities and one obsession.

  7. Tony well spotted most of SMEG's posts are Anon and leaves me to assume penned by one multi person erven I nam being accused of posts I havent made. Marie-Antoinette has your house been bussiness since 1822? and yes being visible as Tony says gives credibility as has beennseen in the past Anon bloggers often have multiple titles and seek to fan topics . WC.GB. frieght has been landing at Manston for years and when the RAF were there it never had time restrictions I can go back at least 30 years when family members got calls at all hours to go and unload te flights and noise restrictins then were non existant.

  8. The airport was built for the clear purpose of fighting the Nazis and in peacetime would have never got off the ground, due to being in the wrong place as a useful and economic airport. It has limped along for years and is losing money for the present incumbents as it has for everyone else.
    It is an economic failure, a blight on our landscape and a source of pollution . Like most Battle of Britain airfields it should have been allowed go back to the land, after the war finished.

    Anyone who dares to disagree with you is a "bully", and not worthy of an opinion as you put them in tree hugger catagory. It seems to me you show all the classic characteristics of the chippy bully by invalidating to have a n oppposing view

  9. Crazies ,cranks, nutters, or people who dare to buy a house .

    You really a tin pot dictator who if you cannot win a debate will rubbish the genuine concerns of others.

    "Well if you don't like my opinions" .... Do not worry this is my first and last trip to your tawdry soapbox.

    What's the difference between You and Peter's Fish Factory ?

    Peter puts all his chips in a bag,

    not on a blog

  10. Tony

    From my perspective the only reason the environment argument appears to be owned by the Anti- Manston folk is because the operators and pro Manston folk fail to grasp the environmental nettle.

    If you take a simple example. Tetrachlorethylene. Not a good idea to use it near diesel plant like backup generators. (Local manufacturer take note)

    Say your employer says "Use the tetra Tony and take deep breaths mate, right next to that diesel cement mixer son. It is a cheap and easy way for us to conduct our business"

    You say "Yessah" do you Tony and tug your receding forelock ?

    If everyone thought as you Tony we would still see women in agony with Phossy Jaw ... business at any cost.

  11. So that's your final solution eh Tony? 'Too many people in the world'.

    Christ, you'll be advocating we have a jolly good war next to kill off the proles. Presumably you are well beyond call-up age, so it wouldn't affect you. Or how about we just gas the 'enviro-crazzies'? That should do it. Or perhaps we should re-patriate all the foreigners.

    You really must try and rein in that BNP/Nazi streak mate.

  12. Has it ever occured to you that you are the crank here, not the many different people who feel that airport expansion is wrong.

    The night flight issue is Infratil trying to sell it with more value added like getting planning permission to extend your house but not doing it yourself. They cannot get anyone to use the poxy airport as it is, night flights are a red herring. The council all want to strut around pretending to be big businessmen looking at fictions produced by infratil about projected use etc so you can see why they are pushing it.

    If anyone in the country seriously thought it was any use as an airport they would have done something with it by now....... Now sit down Tony breath deeply it is not nimby its just that it is in the wrong place !!!!!

  13. Tony, you'd be dangerous with a brain old boy. Best leave the real thinking to others and get back to crying over that nasty man Paul carter for ignoring you.

  14. I cannot help feel that the arrogant spirit of one Ramsgate blogger is with us but clearly does not want to compromise his man of the people image, and of course old smeg.

  15. I didn't see your "I Love Matt Clarke" t-shirt tonight, but I know you own one.

    Some of don't like him, or what his company are trying to do to the area.

    You heard with your own ears that the KIACC don't trust them, and some of the episodes that have created that void of trust.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Anyone who is silly enough to buy a dead duck airfield in the middle of a populated area must expect
    to get flack from residents who do not not want greedy grabing buisness men leading our council like sheep and doing as they like ignoring all agreements imposed on flying and operations