Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just how bad can it get!

Whilst “Honourable Members”, are rushing to put the money back in the till, they can at least comfort themselves with this thought, a couple of less than brilliant pieces have news have been buried as we the public bay for their blood, the p*ss poor minimum wage rise which I rambled on about yesterday, even worse, the news that in the last three months an astonishing quarter of a million people have lost their jobs.

So if nothing else politicians were sparred the “what are you going to do about it” type questions  which journalist should have been asking but were clearly they enjoying politicians trying to wriggle out of Sh*t creek with or without a paddle.

Almost worth the grief was the Prime Minister trying to convince us on the BBC 10 oclock news that his solution, MPs paying their ill gotten gains back hadn’t just been nicked from David Cameron's suggestions earlier in the day.

clickbrownAnyhow coming back to the “how bad can it get” reference in the title, as you may or may not know I work on the railways and I’m employed by agencies and from time to time as contracts finish etc. I register with other more general employment agencies, and yesterday I got a telephone call from one, asking whether I was currently looking and then the conversation switched and this person was asking me whether I knew of any vacancies in rail industry for a relative, you’d think an employment consultant would know who to contact.

As far as I’m concerned MPs can keep the bloody money so long as they see that British workers get preference in employment and or fix the economy.

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  1. well said usual the politicos will be laughing all the way to the bank whatever happens ..lets just hope they find one that is still open!