Thursday, May 07, 2009

High speed trains to bring local property boom?

Been hearing a bit of chatter on radio about the likely effect of changes in Railway Timetables with the introduction of “high speed trains”, as well as speculation that property prices will start climbing. So far I have yet to locate the “new improved timetables” but have come across some sketchy info in the form of a map, which purports to show how journey times will be improved.

I was particularly interested to see that the journey from Margate to London, will instead of taking 108 minutes now, in future be only 98 minutes, a saving of ten minutes which is the time, that you will need to re-orientate, since to gain that improvement you will pitch up in the unfamiliar surroundings of St.Pancras.

Wow London in only 1 hour and 38 minutes on the new high tech, high speed, javelin train hurtling towards London at an average speed less that 60 miles an hour and not quite warp speed (pitiful really).howfast

As someone who has made the journey to St Pancras in a Ford Transit mini bus on more that one occasion, I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t reach my destination quicker outside of peak travel times.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if local commuters were to be offered some vague hope, that Network Rail might invest some money in to the infrastructure, so that trains from East Kent could break through the average 60mph speed barrier at some time in the future, instead of course, what is the case, that travellers from this part of the world, will be subsidising those who will benefit in Canterbury, Ashford and Gravesend.


  1. Can you tell me how Ramsgate times go from 119 to 84 mins ? Looks like property prices can only go up in Ramsgate.

  2. The draft timetables can be found at under their news items. You may need to wait a while for the downloads but thats trains for you.

  3. I have said ever since 2006 that Ramsgate will be the main beneficiary, as befits the isle's premier town.

    And quite why everyone is moaning about getting into St Pancras rather than Victoria is beyond me. Victoria is way too close to Sarf Lundun, which, as we know, is a hellhole. Us sophisticated media types prefer God's Own North London, so St Pancras is perfect!

  4. Ramsgate trains head west on the Stour Valley line, and relatively quickly up to the high speed line, where margate trains crawl along the normal lines to ebbsfleet where they then motor on.

    Ramsgate trains saves 35 mins, Margate only 10.

  5. The words "boom" and "Thanet" in the same sentence I find amusing.

  6. ER mentions St Pancras. What a magnificent piece of re-worked architecture that is. Something to be very proud of. Pity the same vision doesn't appear to exist in CT9