Friday, May 22, 2009

Something for the Weekend

I hope to be busy doing stuff this weekend but I just thought it might be worth mentioning a couple of highlights firstly The Theatre Royal has a visit from the Net Curtains theatre company, who will be putting on three short plays connected to the Dreamland on Sunday night, not sure if their are tickets left see my earlier post for details.

On the Harbour Arm there’s the new bar at the end, which I believe will be playing music on Sunday, also that art exhibition I mentioned recently, plus on Monday the car park  will be accommodating classic motorbikes from the Ace Cafe Margate Meltdown click for details.

Hopefully Margate’s magnificent beach will be popular as well, myself I’d like to go cycling and soak up the ambience of it all and maybe visit our local parks which are a haven of tranquillity. 


  1. The Southend Air Show is on this weekend, which means that the Red Arrows will be basing at Manston sat, sun and mon along with a couple of typhoons, so if you fancy a bit of spotting - you know where to go.
    Also i believe the Spitfire Museum will be having a short Air Display over the weekend too, with the above and a couple of old birds. (not the human type i might add)

  2. Yes and what with glorious sunshine should be great.
    Sorry to change subject but rumour has It that the building/arcade that went up in flames in cliftonville was owned by JG of dreamland fame(link on zumis site)surely if this is the case he MUST be investigated?