Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vote for Change (An Inconvenient Truth)

So says David Cameron, as he stares out of the conservatives European Election Campaign leaflet, which although not addressed to me, I thought I best take a butchers at.

At first I didn’t realise he was referring to the Euro elections and assumed he had come to the conclusion that he got a right load of wrong uns running things in Kent but clearly not, I doubt Kent Tories wasting millions of your money on crazy failing schemes and lavish advertising would even touch the sides up at the Westminster palace of sleaze.

Still on that subject, Cameron has as many of us know been calling for an early election, as if his own crowd haven’t been up to their ankles in the trough or as in some cases the moat or lake.

Now I believe if you just take our dire economic circumstances and the extraordinary social changes that have occurred in the last five years, then the conservative party could afford to hang fire but for the fact that most of us take a superficial view of politics.

Cameron would have to go some, to not to lead the Tories into power at this point in time but how about, Labour wake up and dump Brown (which I think they might) and we get, maybe Alan Johnson or someone who at least can manage a smile rather than the Brown grimace.

Again on purely a superficial level as I type this I’m looking at the leaflet and there’s Cameron looking in control, making a decisive gesticulation with his hand but hang on a minute, has his Barnet moved north.

Blimey I reckon David’s hairline is receding faster than the polar ice sheet in Al Gore’s documentary now I’m no climatologist but I’d take a guess that by this time next year, we could be looking at a full blown comb over.

Harold Wilson I think, gave us the “Weeks a long time in politics” Labour could still their rewrite the political landscape they have a year left and with some help from the Tory leader, things could still turn chilly for the conservatives who knows.

Superficial? Yes but most of us more influenced by headlines and hairlines, than facts and detail, so I would image there is a sense of urgency in the Cameron camp before Vote for Change is effected by “ A Wind of Change” and David’s sporting a comb-over.

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