Sunday, May 03, 2009

Kent Air Ambulance

Happened to be cycling from Broadstairs through to Margate as Kent's air ambulance landed, as it happens it didn't seem to be required. I don't like to snoop to closely, but it looked as if it might have been a training exercise since nobody was placed in the ambulance.

The helicopter was only on the ground for about five minutes, as I say hopefully nobody was in need of its services, anyhow its a reminder, of its availability.

Its also worth mentioning that without pubic contributions it wouldn't be there to assist Kent residents and visitors.

Kent Air Ambulance website


  1. a teenage lad had fallen off the cliff ,i was on the beach at botany bay and watched him stretchered off ...

  2. and me!
    do you remember a few years ago an air ambulence going down? killing the crew, they had been at that show but then called out? 3 weeks after that I was called on to do an air ambulance to a hospital on the north side of London, I had long held the fantasy of doing an emergancy airlift of a patient! I have always wanted to be in a helicopter! the helicoper was borrowed from surrey, and then...I argued successfully that my patient wasn't unstable he can go by ambulance??? it took hours well beyond my shift, but my reasoning for my action was, I was sooo excited to go in a helicopter, but I realy didn't feel my patient warrented it as he was stable and we only had one, as it was borrowed, and others may need it, still disappointed I haven't been in a helicopter but happy about my decision! but unhappy I would have so loved to be in a helicopter!