Monday, May 25, 2009

MP expenses its a worry

Its a worryIts worth saying before I go any further in this post, that I believe most politicians, go into politics for all the best reasons ie they have an idea of what is best for us, whether its the Tories helping people to look after themselves or Labours we know best and we’ll sort you out.

Now believe it or not, I have some feelings for politicians and even have some sympathy with the rather extreme sentiments expressed by Nadine Dorries MP that those in Westminster were walking around "with terror in their eyes" and since the topic of suicide was mentioned, firstly don’t do it and secondly if your about to do it contact the Samaritans first.

She also mentions that the Daily Telegraph revelations are “a from of torture”, “that the Mps side of the story is not being put”, and “MPs are all human beings who do not deserve to be treated like this.”

Now all I can think, is that MP’s have bought much of this upon themselves, unlike the millions who are now facing hardship, who don’t deserve this, who might well find the lack of jobs, cut in wages, increase in taxes, a form of Torture.

Only last week I was talking to a friend who’s had his money cut without notice and by a Multinational blue chip company for no other reason, I would think other than their run by ruthless heartless B*******, since the contract their working on was awarded before the current downturn.

Its only my impression but if you care to click here, you too might get the distinct impression, that this MP Nadine Dorries is out of step with public opinion, which is probably how MP’s got themselves in this mess.


  1. Tony what worries me most about this is that the BNP will seem like an alternative and all the corner shops will have to close and the chinese take aways and curry house owners will have to be repatriated

  2. Tony,

    You should perhaps read Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail today, or Max Hastings nd Peter Oborne yesterday. I think you may find much common ground in their views on this.

  3. Yes they are stressed and worried but purely because they have been found out. Yes it's all be 'within the rules' but when you make the rules up yourself then they're not worth anything.

    If they have been acting fairly then they have nothing to hide but the fact is that the majority haven't and have been takin as much as they can.