Friday, May 22, 2009

More Curious Goings on at Northdown

coachhouse I’m reliably informed that yet a new mystery is unfolding at Northdown Park, regulars know that Sandy Ezekiel's TDC administration, probably wasted thousands of pounds, recently when the council, tried to ignore covenants' protecting Northdown House from well, councils like his that appeared to be trying make a fast buck and depriving this beautiful house from the public to whom it had been gifted.

NOrthdown park

Last bank holiday weekend they closed the walled garden on what seemed to me to be the spurious grounds of health and safety, particularly since the problem was an uneven paving slab and similar tripping hazards in Margate old town never resulted in that being closed off.

Any way apparently the Coach house, at Northdown Park has been is about to be boarded up, does anyone no what’s going on? I seem to recall at one time this part of the estate was going to a museum.

My top tip for this weekend is visit Thanet’s parks before some politician mucks them up.


  1. ive lived in thanet some 12 yrs now,boy wot a decline, margate now is known for boarded up shops and properties, whereas ramsgate wins with a good share of dogs poop.motorists now have to beware as now its not the police that give parking tickets, its traffic wardens,town wardens dont or do?but some bright spark has come up with,wait for it,Enforcers, you wouln,nt mind so much if they dressed properley or tidy, creased uniforms and hands in pockets and your expected to recpect the uniforms,oh yes northdowns fire last week,a cleverman puts it, the start was in laymans terms.ilegal visiters playing chefs without necessary tools.we have had clock tower lights,dreamland, so what is turner centre to be?margate 60s and now. WHAT ?.

  2. I liked (not) what council spokesperson said about not being able to flog it off. "We've found ways round covenants before." (roughly) Sums it up. This lot are beyond comparison.

  3. I heard that the preference was to sell NH off for development and ways were being explored to do just that.

  4. Wonderful place was Northdown Park & House years ago.