Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap reaction to Kent TV

Just as a further reaction, to the news that KCC will be lauching its own TV Channel with help from Bob Geldof I though I would bash off a quick reaction, in the video medium with the help of Nokia.

Please be aware that a more professional, product featuring this blogger is available, enhanced by leading Media Company ECR TV

If you can get this quality for free imagine what Kent TV will provide.


  1. I do hope Mr Ceaucescu (no relation) hasn't been moonlighting. Or was that your right arm?

    Seriously, though, I couldn't agree more. We already get freebie magazines from the council, and how many of us read those? KCC TV will have to compete for our attention with every other channel and I'm afraid that a TV station run by a tier of local government will almost certainly be welcomed by the sound of tumbleweed drifting in the wind.

    Although that may be sour grapes seeing as Ten Bobs beat me to it.

  2. It was my Nokia taped to Mr Puss's head whilst he balanced on a ladder.

    This seemed to be the optimal technique, since he could also give direction.

    Any way I think you'll find bobs place is closer to Maidstone than yours.

  3. If Mr Puss is that amenable, why not keep the camera strapped to his bonce for a day? It would make a great catcam video.

    And I fear you're right about Sir Gob being closer to the seat of power. Here in Thanet we are, of course, at the edge of teh known world, to quote Simon Moores.

  4. not bad tony
    if you want to make video
    let me know
    i have a camra you can borrow,
    i worked at the same place as you
    in past times

  5. PS
    you have'nt been to Milton Keynes
    lately have you

  6. Why oh why? I represent a media social enterprise in Kent producing content for the community channel, corprate bodies and we have even done the odd council promo. The profit from the company goes into providing free training in filming, production and editing which gives people meaningful skills for the future.

    Can someone tell me where that 600,000 a year is going? 200,000 start up costs for an established company? Or better yet - someone please tell me why not one KCC rep would return my emails or phone calls?

    What a total waste of our cash. They should be concentrating on providing training and job opportunities for the people of Kent and better services through their own existing website.

    Rant over (for now)