Thursday, April 26, 2007

Give him our effing money now!
Kent's TV contract awarded to Bob Geldof company

With little public consultation or debate, Kent Council has awarded its contract for the controversial Kent TV service, to Bob Geldof's company Ten Alps, amazingly it looks like regulation or control of this TV station is an afterthought.

In fairness to Kent council, it has been noted that an independent board will be created, to govern the new channel however, if the comments made by Peter Gilroy KCC chief executive, made during a recent Cabinet meeting are anything to go by it appears that the make-up of an ' independent board ' would be representatives from all public agencies.

I think it would be sensible to assume that public agencies, will probably mean the board will be staffed by local-authority employees from local councils, members of local quangos, just how this is independent is probably something, that only the local government mind would understand.

My idea of independence is individuals.

No doubt unbeknownst to the likes of me here in East Kent, there is a wild public clamour elsewhere in Kent for mind-numbing political debate, amateur low-budget programming, and re-runs of that great classic 'Towards 2010' starring Paul Carter being grilled by the BBC's uncompromising weather presenter Kaddy.

The whole proposition of Kent TV is a nonsense, assuming it is to be Internet-based because already they have the capability to offer amateur broadcasting. Credit to Kent were it is actually due, must be given for their website, which is informative, and useful.

As an example you can see the Cabinet debate, from 16th April where this subject was debated, if you click here, I would suggest that you fast-forward this to about one hour 10 minutes.

Just on the question of independence, it is interesting to note that the channel will be seeking local advertising or sponsorship, which might well impinge on our much loved local press, something to which was referred to after the meeting by one the members, but caught on tape, which now sadly has been edited out.

Still if anyone is capable of breathing life, into whatever Kent council thinks is missing in our televisual diet, then I am sure that local man Bob Geldof is the one to do it, with his experience in quality television, 'the word', 'Survivor' and biggest of all 'The Big Breakfast' . Incidentally Mrs Me still lives the Big Breakfast dream every morning with her set of nostalgic crockery.

BBC Story

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