Friday, April 20, 2007

Observation from last night's PUBLIC council meeting

In these days of consensus politics, there is little to distinguish between the political parties, particularly at the top of the heap with the two major parties being run by ex-public schoolboys. But at the grittier local level, there is some distinctions that you can make, for instance I find Conservatives, polite but generally curt and businesslike. Labour a tad different polite but often exuding a morally superior, slightly authoritarian occasionally aggressive attitude.

A couple of examples, one perspective conservative candidate making conversation with his Labour opponent, was met with a fairly aggressive response by someone I assume to be a Labour supporter. Myself during, the suspension of the meeting, happened to be, making notes when I was challenged by a couple of people, whom I understand to be candidates in my own ward. To be honest, I was taken aback, by the sheer arrogance of these two, who thought I might be interested, in what they had to say.

I ought to contact, North Thanet Labour Party, and inquire whether, it's official Labour policy, to challenge, and interrogate members of the public at a public meeting. Since they were so damned, interested I offered to let them, read my scribble, which they declined.

Perhaps Labour's head honcho in Thanet could remind, his colleagues that despite this country's obsession with surveillance, a public meeting is a public meeting, and members of the public are free to make notes. I honestly don't know what these people thought I might be writing, but assuming they may have been discussing something of a confidential nature, I suggest they go somewhere private.

Anyway if Thanet North Labour Party, would like to get their top cryptographers on the case I would be almost as interesting as they are, in what I wrote, since I'm not sure myself. See below the note in question!
PS don't ask again I might not be as polite next time!


  1. Thank you for the mention as a Thanet Blogger Tony.
    Can I apologise for any upset caused by my colleagues, if you let me know privately who they were, I will check put what was in their minds.
    Please bear in mind that these were rather stressful moments with one of our colleagues collapsed on the floor. Many of us thought the room should have been cleared whilst this was dealt with.
    No excuse if they were rude though.

  2. David clearing the room was a though that crossed my mind as the minutes ticked by. However where the people would have been cleared to given the numbers present, and how easy or difficult it would have been to continue the meeting whilst re assembling them I'm not sure.

    Sadly the event in many ways I suspect curtailed and shortened what would probably have been quite a lively debate. Perhaps for the better because there was clearly even after this event quite a lot of childish behaviour on show.

    I hope Cllr Clark has had a reasonable night in hospital and will be back to full strength soon. He is certainly one of our Council's characters!

  3. No worries David, all I would say is just because I have a furtive look about me, and rarely make direct eye contact, does not mean I should be challenged by your colleages, now to be honest, I think, at least hope they were instantly embarrased, by the question " have you been been making notes about our conversation" or something similar.

    Your colleagues ought to be smart enough in such situations, still I'm just curious enough, that in the wild chance that either actually canvas my road my first question will be what was so bloody important?

    Chris I thought that the situation was handled as well it could have been.

  4. Best wishes to Doug Clark. Hope he gets well soon.

    Regarding the first incident you speak of, I was the Conservative. I introduced myself to one of my election opponents and pointed out to the said opponent that some of their election material was bordering on the negative. I dont know why the third party came out with the outburst. No harm done.