Thursday, April 05, 2007

MEETING? What Meeting?
Thanet councils open policy

Noticing a mention of tonight’s meeting of the full Council, to discuss the seemingly hideous plans for Westwood Cross’s new housing estate, on Simon Moores Thanet Life, I thought I would check it out on TDC’S website just to get more info (nothing, not a sausage).

Maybe Richard Samuel, Chief Exec, or Sandy Ezekiel Council leader could explain why this is not publicised on the councils website, although I have it on good authority that info has been put up in the local library and er the council offices.

That reminds me I must take my books back. Who knows what I might find pinned to the wall.

In fairness this meeting will probably only be of interest to the 5000 people who signed the petition against this development and the thousands who would have signed had it been put in front of them.

This is what I believe is known as an extraordinary meeting what makes it so, could be that lack of publicity!

I’m informed its 7pm , you could always double check, I had to phone up.
PS Thanks to the efficient professional staff of the council for helping me.

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