Tuesday, April 24, 2007

David Cameron hands-off approach

How refreshing to see, David Cameron's pronouncement yesterday, calling for a of revolution in responsibility. In which with some justification, he criticised the Labour Party's knee-jerk reaction, of bringing in new legislation, every time there is a bit of bad news.

We often hear criticism of politicians being more about presentation than substance, well it looks like David Cameron has made a quantum leap, I think he may well be the first leader of any political party to be all presentation and no substance.

I don't follow politics in any great detail, as much as I might comment on it, but one thing is for sure, that since taking office as leader of the opposition, David Cameron has yet to come up with the goods as far as a political purpose or focus for his government in waiting.

It's all very well for him to witter on about less state interference, but unfortunately we live in a very complex society, there are certainly areas of our society which could do with a damn sight more state interference, I like the idea of trusting people more, I'm sure that it would work a treat with some of the feral adolescence roaming around Dane Valley, Newington, Cliftonville.

Plain and simple David Cameron's idea of civility seems to revert to a nostalgic vision of the 1950s , ignoring the evolution of British society, which became 'liberal' in the Sixties and Seventies with Labour, 'greedy' during the Eighties and Nineties under the Tories and now with Tony Blair, no clear cultural identity.

Still it's nice see, that a Conservative leader acknowledges society, remember the great Mrs T, once quoted as having said ''there is no such thing as society'' well it looks like Mr Cameron has his work cut out, particularly if recent local news is representative of his colleagues' attitudes, which appeared to exude more of a ''are you looking at me'' attitude than Mr Cameron's more affable ''give us a hug'' mood.

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