Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tonight's end of term council meeting.

Since I presume tonight's was the last full meeting of council, prior to next month's local elections, I thought I would, see what I had been missing all these years. The main thing I had been missing, apart from the turgid procedural claptrap, was I discover tonight intense heat and claustrophobia as I stood in the doorway to the council chamber. In fact, one member of the council was taken ill during the meeting, and business was suspended whilst paramedics were called.

Please remember this is subjective account, certainly not verbatim, so should I report or suggest that anyone's nose, grew as they were talking, it is purely invention.

Incidentally one of Thanets other top bloggers was in attendance, Mr Simon Moores, whom initially stood in the public gallery but on spotting a spare seat, sat next to, I think Gazette reporter Kathy Bailes at what I assume is a table reserved for Press.

First off a couple of members of public, presented petitions or rather spoke in support them, the second one relating to the Theatre Royal, which seemed to be the main course of the meeting.

During the debate on Theatre Royal, Simon Moores assisted with the member who had collapsed, until the arrival of the paramedics. Naturally I think the meeting was subdued, once it resumed, there was some of the points-scoring, but it seemed most the meeting was businesslike, I think it was David Green who bought up the subject of theatre employees being made redundant, when shortly there is a plan to recruit those posts being vacated now.

It seems that great pains are being taken, by the Conservative group to state that Thanet District Council will not be running the theatre, so when Mr Latchford referred to we, clarification was sought by which we, was being referred too, apparently this was the we who the support the theatre and not the we who run the theatre.

Richard Samuel not a councillor, but the chief executive, answered some questions, reiterating the stuff about Margate Theatre Trust's independence.

Now the line taken on the question of appointing trustees to fill vacancies, will I think be a question of gentle guidance, from the council, since we must keep reminding ourselves that TDC aren't involved with the running of the theatre, they are advising, they are guiding and paying two directors 35 grand a year. So it's now clear as mud, Margate Theatre Trust will be independent, as will the council backed appointees to the board. As I say I have probably got it wrong again.

Once the Theatre Trust part was out the way, I just thought it would be downhill from thereon so, I left the meeting.

In the lift on the way down, I found myself face to face, with Thanets other greatest blogger, and outside we had a chat, on the subject to blogging, now our views are similar, although maybe I'm a bit more liberal. I bought up the fact, we had both attended Charles Dickens school, and really quite spooky we were both there at the same time, now I can honestly say, that I can't recall Simon although clearly, we knew many of the same people, maybe the old Flaig brains on its last legs.

I assume by the time I post, Simon will have beaten me by some margin. Still blogging is not some competitive game is it. Damn!


  1. I failed to mention David Green who also happens to be one the Great Thanet Bloggers that is when refering to those present who blog.

  2. Curse you Sausage Man! I thought I was Thanet's Greatest Living Blogger!

    Oh, no, sorry, I take that back. You said when referring to those present. Oops. Apologies. Water under the bridge, time's a great healer, ect. ect.