Monday, April 23, 2007

Quote of the week from Kents Chief Executive

In my occasional series of interesting quotes, I came across this one, in Kent on Sunday from Peter Gilroy, chief executive for Kent County Council whom referring to criticism of the soon-to-be launched Kent TV channel, according to the paper found criticism astonishing. In addition he said the following "I am getting a bit fed up with it to be honest because we’ve got £1.8 billion of turnover here, we’re being asked for the general public to take a closer interest in democratic activity, we’re being asked to get youngsters and young people interested in democracy – because lots of people are not voting."

Now this is just a personal opinion, as is I trust, Peter Gilroy's, surely if people are criticising this venture, then this is just part of the healthy democratic involvement that presumably Kent TV is supposed impart or stimulate. So rather than being astonished or a bit '' fed up'' he ought to be happy that he is doing his job.

Now life is not black-and-white, and Peter Gilroy is clearly an able and competent person, entitled to an opinion, as one would expect, however I personally get a little fed up myself, when very well paid public servants, are apparently offended by opinion, held by the public at large, particularly when that same public is footing the bill.

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