Monday, April 16, 2007

Kent TV public service or comedy channel?
In a briefing document, Item 6 subject "Kent TV " for today's Kent County Council Cabinet meeting, apparently by Paul Carter leader of the council and Peter Gilroy Kent council's chief executive, many of the facts are exposed for the first time, about this frankly unusual (I'm being polite) idea.

Admittedly just last week, as I sat watching EastEnders, with my razor in hand, I considered briefly doing away with it all, luckily I've been using an electric one for the last two years. So what a delight to see that our fearless Kent County Council, ignoring the inevitable backlash they'll get, seem to be hell-bent on squandering, £600,000 a year, to bring you their version of the world, at your expense, even if it's coming out of the Kent councils special regeneration money pot.

Now £600,000 doesn't sound like an awful lot of money but it would pay for one chief executive and possibly a couple of heads of department for Britain's most efficient wonderful council.

I sometimes wonder whether Conservative leader Paul Carter, is acting on instruction from Conservative head-office, just to see how far you can push taxpayers' before they revolt. Just pause to think, the country's most expensive local authority chief executive, hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on the Virginia project, best part of £8 million spent on the Turner contemporary, free travel for school children in some of Kents most affluent areas, £20,000 spent on a video presentation towards 2010, Education trips to repressive China to learn about what, the mind boggles.

Have they ever heard of You Tube?

I just wonder what sort programming perhaps Westkenters (a drama about ordinary local government people, wasteing my money in Maidstone)

If you have any suggestions lets have them!


  1. What exactly are they going to show on this channel.

  2. Kent TV

    6.15am The Kent Morning News With ECR and The Pilot

    6.25am The Hoodies The gang discover Police helmets make great flowerpots

    6.50am The Hoodies The Girls discover amazing facts about getting a council flat

    7.15am A Fresh Look Kent County Councils open forum (this week-Housing)

    7.45am Everybody Loves Thanet Comedy with Ovit and Mr G

    8.15am Just Shoot Me Your chance to ask a councillor WTF

    8.45am Kent Sports All the sports updates for Kent and Thanet

    9.10am Recycling Updates on where to go and rules on glass and plastic colour codes

    9.40am Scouting with J.G.Burns Survival and Firemaking badges are the topics this week

    10.10am Hot Gossip Latest on who's shagging who at County Hall

    11.05am Some Mother's do ave em Frank gets in trouble with the Fire Brigade

    12.00pm News at Noon Daily update, including business news,Fires, sport and weather

    12.30pm 3 Minute Wonder: Justin talks about the length of his latest relationship and how long they were together

    12.35pm Aliens(FILM) Are we being invaded by hostile forces or is it just our paranoia.Thoughtful Drama

    2.25pm Life Begins Again Polish newcomers explain why they have come to Kent. Filmed at the Lord of the Manor,Tillmanstone and Ash Boot fairs

    3.30pm Countdown Des O'Connor and Carol Vorderman present the words-and-numbers game, with guest Victoria Beckham in Dictionary Corner

    4.15pm Deal or No Deal Contestants try to outwit the anonymous banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a money prize of up to £10. With Tony Flaig

    5.00pm The Eastciff Richard Show Journalist Jeremy Jacobs and Artist Tracey Emin guest as the Ramsgate Millionaire brings his own mix of competitions and features to his daily entertainment show

    6.00pm The Simpsons A fortune-teller gives Lisa an unwelcome glimpse of the future, revealing the highs and lows of her move to Sevenoaks.

    6.30pm Maidstone Today What's hot and what's not in the only town that matters in Kent with Paul Carter-Leader of KCC

    7.00pm Kent News Including sport and weather

    7.55pm 3 Minute Blunder: How an E-Mail can do a lot of damage with Cllr Latchford

    8.00pm Dispatches: Discovering the Truth Investigation into the Truth behind Arts Council grants to the Turner Contemporary

    9.00pm Blunt Edge: Meet the Councillors First in a new series of documentaries . Dartford

    10.00pm Comedy Hour All the results of the Local Elections with comments from ECR,The Pilot and DVT.

    11.05pm The Soprano Ovit explains the process carried out on him to achieve that high pitched whine that we have all come to hate

    12.15am Closedown

  3. Looks Great to me, maybe those boys and girls a KCC are on to a winner!!

    Camera Lights Consultants Action!

  4. Or how about:

    6pm - Maidstone at Six. That Ruddy-Faced Man From The Council rounds up the latest from the county's capital. Followed by weather.

    6.30pm - Tunbridge Swells. Fly-on-the-wall documentary following young rich kids living the high life in Kent's swinging second city.

    7pm - Seasiders. Soap. James and Angela Heatherington-Smith have relocated from London to Whitstable, only to find they are allergic to oysters. Starring Janet Street-Porter, Sir Bob Geldoff and Peter Cushing as Uncle Fester.

    7.30pm - It's Grim Out East. Gritty drama about a low income family living in, er, what's that place called again? Sort of beyond Canterbury. Right on the end. Just before you get to France and all the cheap booze and ciggies. Anyway, starring Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall (hopefully).

    8.30pm - Canterbury Tails. Documentary tracks the trials and tribulations of a country vetinary practice based in the Stour Valley.

    9pm - Strictly Kent Dancing. Veteran entertainer Bruce Sandy-Lockhart is joined by glamorous Anthea Turner-Centre and a host of other stars from the Assembly Halls in trendy Tunbridge Wells.

    10pm - Grand Designs. Documentary detailing the amazing story of how £8m was spent transforming a pile of mud and seaweed off the Kent coast into an entire stable of Bentleys and Ferraris for anyone quick enough to grab a slice (shurely shome mishtake - Channel Controller).

    11pm - Camera, Action, But No Police! Some of the best shots from speed and traffic cameras around the county. Hilarious!

    11.30pm - News, weather.

    11.57pm - Lights out (aren't they always?)

    11.58pm - Close down.

    11.59pm - Rates up.