Monday, April 16, 2007

Local journalism another view!

Not for the first time, I have found co-contributor Mr Puss to be a bit testy, this weekend in fact, I might go as far as to say he's been rather bolshie. I gather that he wasn't entirely in agreement with our special birthday message not purely for the reason it was a day late but apparently he didn't like the suggestion that our local media, shied away from taking a stand on the big issues like Westwood or Dreamland.

Somehow he got the impression, that I had been particularly mean to Trinity Mirror's, Gazette, however this morning, during our editorial meeting, he bought to my attention, a tough uncompromising article entitled 'New rules for Animal Welfare' which points out new laws, which now make pet-owners liable for their animals' welfare. Although even Mr Puss feels they could have been more expansive.

Possibly Mr Puss was thinking of that terrible day, when due to a medical error, he'd decided to act responsibly and have a vasectomy, tragically he became, the unwitting victim of a terrible mix up, perhaps the knife slipped, the vet misunderstood, any how he emerged from the vets a day later minuses his wotsits, not surprisingly he doesn't like to talk about it.

That reminds me, he's in due for another trip to the vets.

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