Friday, April 06, 2007


What is the point of having a blog, in my case it's to put my sometimes crazy ideas into the public domain. But then I look at others and wonder, what's their motivation a couple spring to mind, one where the author who has a tenuous link with Thanet who seems to have the sole purpose of self-promotion, apart from republished posts from other blogsites then we have 'one voice' whose output often focuses on Simon Moores.

In the latest posting anonymous 'one voice' has yet another bitch, now this would have some merit if the author had the balls to identify himself/herself but they haven't, what a surprise.

We're all human, and sometimes we get a little hacked off with the people who've crossed our path but this now seems to be bordering on an obsession. It would be interesting if 'one voice' actually diverted their attention to other matters, particularly since their Web blog is titled Thanetonian.

Throwing caution to the wind, I shall momentarily slip into 'Cracker' mode, I would imagine that 'one voice' is either a lonely functionary of the council or alternatively and more likely a lacklustre local councillor of either party but most likely Labour who's already exceeded their potential.

Anyway whoever one voice is, they might consider moving on to a broader topic.


  1. Thanks Tony.. I hadn't noticed he was back until you mentioned it. I wonder why he worries so much about me? Pathological hatred springs to mind and he will simply not keep off my weblog with his allegations. And now, he's simply making stuff up as the record on ThanetLife shows. Your'e right of course, this person is not well and given the amount of time he spends "pinging" ThanetLife, from the log, he appears to have nothing else to do in his sad life either

  2. It really is ironic since you are the least likely blog author to use personal abuse.

    I have obsessions and maybe I spend to much time blogging, I struggle to write. my english is not what it should be and my subject matter is maybe too centred on local politics and maybe just over the top.

    I do however vary my focus of criticism from left to right(it may not seem so).

    Now I'm sure that one brain cell/track/voice has a perspective that maybe well be enlightening so why not show us.

  3. I would if it were enlightening in any form Tony but you can read his one weblog to decide, I'm sure you wouldn't be keen to offer an obsessive a platform on your weblog and while he is only interested in personal attacks rather than sensible discussion of issues, I won't let him on and I won't let him use bad language that he is careful not to use on his own web page

  4. One of the latest posts on “Thanet Life” is a cri-de-coeur from blog owner Simon Moores about me. He is seeking sympathy for “what [he’s] having to deal with here”. I’d prefer not to engage, and pass over this latest throwing down of the gauntlet, but we’re all human.

    I recently lodged some comments, questions, and challenges on “Thanet Life” under the “Gale’s View – The Clunking Fist” strand. Even Tory Councillor Chris Wells has opined that my contribution was “relatively mild”.

    Simon Moores rejected the contribution immediately, but I re-submitted it a couple of times. He then chose to stop any further contribution from me by imposing censorship, and, over subsequent hours and days has said the following:

    ‘I would remind the terminally unpleasant individual who calls himself "One Voice in Thanet" that he is banned from this site, so kindly have the decency to stay away.’

    ‘…an environment which does not tolerate the petty and very personal animosities displayed by "One Voice".’

    ‘Sadly, our obsessive and delusional troll, refuses to leave quietly.’

    ‘I assume that the long and peaceful gap between his present and previous comments is a result of his managing to temporarily free himself from his straight-jacket.’

    ‘According to the twisted, pathetic individual who will not leave this weblog alone…’

    ‘I assume that in his case and given the recent gap between his last series of attacks, his medication has worn off…’

    ‘If his pathological hatred of me, Roger Gale and Conservatism hadn't existed, I'm sure I wouldn't have been encouraged to run, so he has done, the party he supports a huge favour.’

    ‘I will be able to lift comment moderation altogether if our ultra-left-wing troll goes back on his medication and leaves the field to the more moderate members of his party.’

    His supporters have raliied behind him and have said:

    ‘How about Big Mouth in Thanet, no-one cares what you have to say, nobody is interested in your opinion. Get a life - preferably somewhere else. To all the others who are 'discontent' with this site, there are others, bye !’ – “Nora Batty”

    ‘as his blind support of all things Labour and twisted ire against all affairs Tory, is somehow re-assuring. I found the Socialist Revolutionary Party types in the 1970s committed but bigotted and its nice to know that 'the rabid socialist' still exists in Thanet!’ – Anonymous

    I find these remarks offensive, and I would suggest they cross over what is legally acceptable. Simon Moores has on several occasions made only lightly veiled threats about libellous behaviour from others, yet he makes, and allows, these contributions. Strange. He is obviously only interested in decency and the Law when he is protecting himself and like-minded associates.

    He refers to “[my] party”. I have told him many times that I am not a member of the Labour Party nor in any way associated with it, other than putting my cross against it at election times. Significant that he continues to repeat the lie.

    I would love to see the evidence to support the claim that I am “ultra-left wing”. I have never put forward ultra-left wing views. In fact I have only rarely offered even a pro-Labour view. Nine times out of ten I have simply challenged the one-sided Tory view expressed by Moores, and his double standards and cant, especially when he has been claiming not to be acting politically. If Moores and his followers believe that not sharing a Tory opinion makes the individual “ultra-left wing”, they seriously need some education, and some help to move out of the Macarthyite mentality of the 50s. Perhaps they should buy a newspaper other than the “Daily Mail”?

    In any event, if I were “ultra-left wing” would I be a member of the Labour Party? Many “Thanet Life” contributors condemn Labour for moving away from its principles. If those who go on to make their claims against me cannot see the complete absence of logic in their argument, then again, they need some serious political education.

    There is also an obsession in the Moores camp over the number of hits his blog and others get. Where is this coming from? I have seen no such competitive mania anywhere else.

    An unfortunately long post, but the record needs to be straightened. I have no pathological hatred of Simon Moores. But who cares if I did – I am a fictional character according to the Doctor. But I bet there are many Tory colleagues who are already looking over their shoulders and sharpening their own knives in preparation for the landing of his super-sized ego on the town hall.







  6. Mr Flaig, I do not work in local government and I am not an elected representative of any Party. That clears that up.

    Now let's move on.

    There is a consensus among many of the people I know in Margate and surrounds that the Council should focus its attention on the single biggest asset the area has - the coastline. Several have suggested that money should be invested in a substantial refurbishment of the undercliff walks, including the railings, from Westgate right round to the walkway end beyond Cliftonville.

    Over and above refurbishment, car parks should be created at key points, to allow access, and a waterfront cafe/restaurant/bar culture generated like that on the continent.

    Linked to this, the seafront should be pedestrianised from the Old Town round to the Station roundabout, with a new enhanced "by-pass" route round the back. Further beachfront development could be undertaken throughout the pedestrianised area.

    The hope would be that this would lead to regenerative activity in the hinterland areas.

    What do you think?