Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreamland Margate the exhibition

I in common with others visited, the Margate Town Centre Regeneration Companies exhibition, this is my video record. Unfortunately I was unable to secure the services of ECR televisions Mr Ceaucescu (no relation), so I'm afraid another amateur, production for the Tony Flaig's Kent TV Channel. Hopefully for your sake, I will tire of this medium, shortly.


I understand that a lot of people will be unable to get to the exhibition so I've put up a couple of photos from the Exhibition which may be of interest CLICK THIS LINK since Dreamland is missed not just here in Margate but across the country and further afield. I hope its of help.

Dreamlands name is as strong as ever, if it were properly promoted it could work agian.


  1. I agree with every word you said there Tony. Trouble is I suspect they could very well argue that Dreamland isn't financially viable as an amusement park. Why? Because they themselves have been running it into the ground for the past few years.

    Ask anyone south of Watford if they've heard of Dreamland and they'll say yes, and be shocked when you tell them it no longer exists.

    I expect those poor sods who are coming for the national scooter rally in a week's time are expecting to ride on the roller coaster, what a bummer for them.

    (BTW you might also want to look into why the council changed the campsite venue for the scooter rally at the last moment. Anything to do with one Dr Moores putting in a complaint on behalf of his prospective electors? I think we should be told!)

  2. If you think I'm having a bunch of psychopaths park up near my house you've got to be mad. Send these wipper snappers over to Ramsgate

    HOORAY for thanets top vintage photo journalist and aviator and conservative

    Jolly good show!

  3. Many thanks for posting the photos up of the 2 schemes - they really are worth a 1000 words. I still hope get down to have a look during the brief period the exhibition is on - yes people from outside Thanet do visit Margate!

    Waterbridge have even avoided the pretence of having 2 viable plans by moving the scenic in one of the plans. This has long been stated by the Save Dreamland campaign as unachievable and it would also result in the Scenic loosing its Grade II listed status.

    I agree totally with where this is headed. The next press release is likely to state that 99% of people "liked" the other plan whereas the reality is that there is no choice and no public input.

  4. Very nice to see and hear your comments on this 'consultation'. This seems to be the offer of a terrible scenario and a not-quite-so-terrible scenario, with the developer hoping most will go for Hobson's Choice -- thus giving them resounding support for the mixed use scheme that relegates the Scenic and Dreamland to sideshow status.

    If TDC had guts or honour they would have accepted the inspector's report. It seems they have neither and the Conservative group are not about to gain any if elected again next week.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humour, but Waterbridge seem to have spent £250,000 on one great rip roarer of a joke. If they can chuck that kind of money around having a bit of a laff I should they could built one great amusement park.

    I agree that it does seem a case of trying to get people to vote for the lesser of two evils. Personally I will either not vote, or vote for the I Dream of Dreamland plan which completely outclasses in every way the shoddy efforts put forwards by the housing group.

    p.s. thanks for the information, an enjoyable read.

  6. Paul I'm sorry that the photos were not better, I'd go back but may not be welcome, I think that the fairground area in the 'York' plan would of course become 'phase 2' after the initial build.

    Iain I just hope that TDC don't just role over which I'm afraid they'll do.

    Neil I just hope they run out of money before they change Margate forever.