Monday, April 02, 2007

Submissive Thanet Council
expected to approve
Westwood Cross Housing Estate
According to Friday's Isle of Thanet Gazette, planners have recommended that councillors agree to the proposed new housing estate, this seems in spite of the already hideous traffic conditions which will of course be exacerbated by plonking 1000 homes in the middle of a field.

Not only are the planners apparently oblivious to the traffic problems, they are all so arrogant enough to ignore the 5000 signatures and more than 250 letters opposing the scheme.

The only pitiful concession that planning authorities are making towards the horrendous traffic is a request for £250,000 towards road improvements from developers. Now this may sound like a lot of money but in reality it won't pay for much more than new road markings.

Surely if our councillors and their local authority colleagues had any er backbone?, spheres?, they would be telling the developers not asking. No doubt apologists for those that rule our lives, think that a quarter million pounds is fair, but maybe they should look at the example set by Ashford council when they managed to secure £4.9 million from Taylor Woodrow to pay for road improvements for one of their developments.

Maybe opponents could mobilise those 5000 signatories, to use their vote in the local elections, perhaps the first step would be to contact councillors on the planning committee today and ask their voting intentions.

Remember there is only one day, councillors are governed by their electors, and that is the day we go to the polls which this year will be 3rd May. So you have something they want, your vote, and like me quite a few councillors, are pompous, self-righteous, self-seeking, opinionated I could go on as I frequently do but you get the picture.

Also you still have time to stand for the local council and lever some of these blighters out of office. Nominations have to be in by noon on Wednesday 4th April. Click here for details


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