Sunday, April 08, 2007


After shock claims that will rock the ecclesiastical world from Eastcliff Richard that he is indeed now bigger than Cliff Richard.

The Bignews team, thought we would also have a go at this rather cheap publicity stunt, the results have been staggering.

When the google search engine was asked to find “margate ramsgate broadstairs news” Bignews beat 333,000 other contenders at Number 1 position.


  1. I expect you have your loyal fan base of motorcycle enthusiasts to thank for being in pole position.

  2. Just shows what you can prove using google. I suggest we try a little experiment in googlebombing. How about we start with upper class twit?

  3. Despite massive opposition from the public, TDC still override the popular voice of its local residents.

    The letters received through the Save Our Island Campaign echoed this concern; many people have no confidence in our council.

    The public voted an overwhelming 99.25% against the farmland at Haine Road being used for over 1000 houses.

    For the safety of the new residents, who will be unable to open there windows or sit in their new gardens, because they are at a high risk of being poisoned with Co2 emissions. Any fresh air will be through forced ventilation systems.
    It is not acceptable to have your god given right to free unpolluted fresh air taken away.

    It is extremely concerning when a handful of councillors ignore the public vote and manage to squeeze the plans through, in was has been liked to children in a classroom. ‘Not professionals with our destiny and heritage in their hands’.

    TDC have sent the documents to the GOSE, they have 21 days to reply.

    If anybody is concerned about this development, please write immediately to GOSE, Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4GA

    What next?
    1,250 acres in Thanet and Sandwich designated for development.

    The Chief Executive Bob Kersey of the (East Kent Spatial Development Company)
    EKSDC has explained, “There are over 500 hectares (1,250 acres) of land zoned for development in Thanet and the ‘Sandwich Corridor’, but due to insufficient water, electricity, gas and sewer pipes, bringing these sites forward was a major problem.

    Developers have been reluctant to invest the very large sums of money involved in bringing the utilities to their sites, as currently the first developer in any area would have to pay for the whole cost, even if their factory, office or other development only needed a small proportion of the new services provided. Similarly, the utility providers, the water, electricity and gas companies are unable to justify the investment until they have a proven demand.

  4. Anon moto boy I know what wonderful caring people bikers are so I will comment no further

    East google whating?

    D M Huckle I've no objecting to these houses being built assume there are service and roads to accomodate these, which clearly there are not.

    What bugs me is the clear failure for Kent or Thanet councils of not have the roads in place to cope with this.