Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The mounting cost of Tory ideas!

I seem to remember during the last local council Elections Conservatives boasting about their big ideas for Thanet, now I maybe wrong. I am not infallible but I wonder if David Green's posting on Eastcliff Matters entitled £1 Million Consultancy Bill is in any way related.

No I'm sure they can think for themselves.


  1. ON Behalf of Chris Wells REF to Eastcliff Matters postingWednesday, 18 April 2007 at 19:19:00 BST

    David, this was an item on the agenda at the Best Value Scrutiny Panel last evening, and is now a regular report. You did not attend and therefore I can only assume have no record of the discussion that followed, even though some labour members were present.

    So, to enlighten you. This list includes a number of items booked and paid for by associated or partnership arrangements, such as The Stronger Safer Communities Fund, some of whose work you have highlighted, in ignorance (using the true sense of the word).

    You would also have missed the questions and discussions about how the costs are assessed against in house provision, something your colleague Denis Hart was feeling his way towards, and I was able to translate and explain to the bemused officer struggling with Denis tortured english.

    Similarly you would have missed the pattern of expenditure not being regular occurence which casts real doubt on the nature of your 4 times 1 quarter calculation as extreme. Particularly ironic you pick out swimming pool for illustration when you have been banging on about the need to consult here endlessly in the other scrutiny panel!

    Perhaps, David, you could speak to your 3 colleagues who were there, ascertain what actually happened and then report, rather than your usual making it up as you go along.

    Anybody would think there was an election on the way from the way you are behaving. Desperation really does know no bounds, does it!

  2. Chris Wells asked if I could cut & paste this the above remark into my posting which he had previously posted to Eastcliff Matters