Monday, April 02, 2007

Games up for Britain

We occasionally hear people trying to define what makes us British, well this is no definition just a point.

The acts of Parliament joining Scotland and England thus creating Britain came into effect on 1st May 1707, shouldn’t we be having a party.

I’m not aware of any celebrations, chances are nobody would invite me, though I would assume 300years might be worth a bit of a do.

I realise that Scottish nationalist will take over the Scottish parliament a couple of days later, which I assume will be the beginning of the end.

Maybe ignoring history is what makes us British for a week or two more.
I might have got my dates wrong or something, and that wikipedias not much cop .


  1. Bit like not celebrating your wedding anniversary.

    You just know its over

  2. We can remember slavery and its horrors when we were meant to be celebrating its abolition but its not PC in a devolved UK to remember THE UNION!