Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th birthday celebrations

Bignews Margate is er
one year plus a day old today!

As you might imagine, yesterday's first birthday for Margates most popular overrated blog were somewhat muted, since due to a combination of indifference and failing memory the anniversary was somehow overlooked.

Last weekend, I did take time out to consider what if anything I had achieved, well a quick assessment, shows that I have produced 400 plus posts, mistreated well over 100,000 words, offended many, resulting in approximately 30 threats of violence and hopefully ruffled a few feathers in local government and the shady world of quangos.

It would be nice to think that, some of our local politicians and local-authority big wigs, have been guided by this blog and others, into acting with more care and responsibility, and since possibly the biggest motivation, I have for writing this stuff, was the almost casual announcement that £8 million had been spent on the Turner Contemporary Gallery, with nothing to show except red faces.

Now I don't doubt, that there are certain, shall we say interest groups, who would if they could, attach all kinds of draconian regulations, to curb the likes of me. Earlier in the week I noted the posting of Simon Moores, Thanet life ''Anything Goes'' which touches on the subject of regulation, incidentally Simon Moores whose often criticised is instrumental in drawing my attention to the world of blogs, for which I thank him although many will not.

I hope that whether you like my opinions or not it adds something to local debates, because one thing I've become acutely aware of is how our local newspapers understandably, steer clear of local controversy, which if you look at their advertising revenue you can well understand. By this I mean with the exception of maybe the Thanet extra, a campaigning attitude on anything does not seem to exist, the Isle of Thanet Gazette generally adheres purely to the facts.

One report you didn't see this week, elsewhere was reference to councillors who were advised not to take part or vote in last week's crucial Westwood Cross meeting. Admittedly I didn't make as big an issue, as I should have, as I expected local professional news outlets to comment at least in a factual way

Anyway Bignews Margate would like to say thank you to those who regularly read this.



  1. Happy birthday to BignewsMargate.

    The end about advice about voting and attending the meeting was an interesting comment. The problem came down to conflict of interest. As you saw, a lot of Councillors werent able to participate because of their own conflicts. On the other hand there were some who admitted conflicts of interest but didnt withdraw... The advice needs to be clearer. The biggest issue is that the conflict of interest isnt objective. Its down to the individual to decide and that just leads to a political situation where the issue of their conflict isnt resolved at all. Its up to the Councillor as to whether they walk from the meeting or not.

  2. Like all bad laws I feel the standards nonsence should be ignored