Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Working hard for Thanet!

As you know I like to maintain, political balance on this website, and whilst it seems I have a grudge against the Tories, this is actually not necessarily true, but since currently they dominate local government, then naturally it follows that there open to the most criticism.

Anyhow I'm in receipt of the Labour party's election brochure, on which one side contains the names and biographies of the candidates in my ward, the other having what I assume is meant to be the policy. If you remember I reviewed the Tories output a few weeks ago, which is equally as bland as this offering.

As with the Conservatives, there don't appear to be any firm objectives or promises obviously it's too late to do much about the Theatre Royal, and Westwood housing estate, however you might expect something with a bit more meat, than we will continue our support for up graded road links and encourage business and tourism.

There are some big ticket items in Thanet which need sorting it out, this weekend will see the curiously named as Margates Town Regeneration Company based in Reading, roll into town with their plans for the Dreamland Park, wouldn't it be just great if one of our political parties could develop some backbone and suggest to these developers where they might place their plans for residential and other ambitions, and insisted that they restore the area for leisure use.

One other fundamental problem with Thanet, is the traditionally atrocious access, mainly bought about by county Conservatives, based in Maidstone who rarely get to the east of the county. Whilst access is being improved slowly but surely into Ramsgate, those of us living in Margate would also appreciate being able to get out of town, without having to use rat runs round Birchington and Acol.

One thing I take issue with, is reference to more uniformed patrols, in the light of recent vandalism around Dane Valley maybe it might be wise if rather than add to the congestion at Mill Lane car-park close to the council offices, that community warden vehicles were parked around problem areas (Crime wise). There is no denying that labour have thrown money at crime, more effort is need however on using it effectively.


  1. Well there should be a bit more room in Mill Lane as the Tories in their infinate wisdom have cut a Warden, is this the first step to more reductions?

    What the leaflet is actually saying is ' give us the chance to continue with the work we were doing up to May 2003.'
    All the so called Tory 'acheivments' are in fact the final result of work in progress as at May 2003.
    We will reintroduce an Economic Development and regeneration unit to encourage and attract inward investment, the Tories scrapped the last one.
    We will continue with the 'Empty Property Initiative ' again something that was rebranded as No Use Empty and claimed as their own by the Tories.

    I could go on but this post is becoming a party political broadcast !

    Cllr Mike Harrison.
    Chair of Labour Group. TDC.

  2. Unfortunatly joe public is distracted by the policy of Blair in regard to Iraq and Afganistan.

    I hope that you do better than last time out, because the Tory leadership is frankly not up to the job.

    I'm convinced that labour has most likely contributed to some improvements in Thanet.

    I seem to remember Sandy Ezekiel claiming to have fresh ideas, which doesn't quite explain why we have so many consultants around here