Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday newspapers new low with one exception!

I've often thought why do editors of newspapers, rarely have their names prominently displayed. And I can only assume particularly after reading this morning's News Of The World, that quite simply they are embarrassed by their output.

I won't even bother, to look up the editor's name of this weeks news of the world because quite honestly, his or her product this week is complete and utter tosh.

Now this particular edition, has would you believe it, nine pages devoted Prince William's relationship with Kate Wotsit, now whilst this is noteworthy in a minor sort of way it is hardly needs such coverage.

Since will are often led to believe, that Rupert Murdoch influences, the output of his publications should we believe that the British royal family is one of his obsessions. I think all this pseudo celebrity bull, concerning the Royal family, that Murdoch papers in particular pump, out weekly has a corrosive effect on the role of the British Royal family.

I am no supporter of the monarchy, and would like to see a debate on their role, but when that debate is masked by trivial crap from a foreign owned press it really hacks me off.

News of the world is a great paper, when it does what it's best exposing, real celebrities, public figures and particularly politicians preferably with their trousers round their ankles.

It's actually quite sad that this mass circulation newspaper cannot make room for news. Not for the first time, have I found that local newspaper 'Kent on Sunday' is actually a preferable read to both of Murdoch's papers including the Sunday Times which these days, seems to have joined the race for the gutter with its populist appeal, even having what I call the 'Jeremy Clarkson' section appealing to middle-aged yobs.


As ever my opinions are eccentric, but really it comes to something when you enjoy a free local newspaper more than one costing two quid. And I don't know who the editor of the KOS is but they do a damn good job.


  1. The KoS is a good paper, and does have some interesting articles in it.

    I must admit that I find out local papers such as the Gazette or Times a little bit thin on the news front with plenty of padding, and so a paper still focusing on Kent is a good relief.

    As for the national papers, a lot is tripe ... or I have to spend the whole week gettign through all the supplements!

  2. I just reckon more is less where sunday papers are concerned, The sunday time has more supplements than readable articles