Monday, April 30, 2007

Surprise no birthday party !

The chances are most people are totally unaware, that tomorrow 1st May marks the 300th anniversary, of the acts of Union 1707 between England and Scotland coming into effect thus creating the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Is it possible to imagine any other state, failing to mark such an anniversary, I seem to remember the Yanks, making a big fuss of their two hundredth anniversary in 1976. The British people have every reason to be proud of Great Britain,its just a pity Blair and his like don't have the Balls to acknowledge it.

It seems our leaders and politicians are more than happy to, exploit Britishness, when it suits them, however they seem incredibly reluctant to allow any celebration of actually being British.You'll frequently here reference to British interests from politicians, when they're actually referring to the interests of business rather than the people.

Now obviously since the Labour Party are predominantly Scottish based, and in a bit of a tight spot, ironically in Scotland with Scottish National's about to take charge of the Scottish Parliament they have no incentive to push Britishness. A disturbing number of Scots would like to break the union up, despite the fact, with Labour's help they have benefited considerably with services subsidised by the rest of Britain, free university education, and free care for the elderly unlike here in England.

We have a British royal family, whose anniversaries, we the British people are expected to celebrate and frequently do, however for reasons presumably of class we are still treated as 'subjects' of the Crown rather than citizens not entitled to celebrate our being British for the last 300 years.

It's notable that the British royal family, aren't bothering, to celebrate what should be a significant date for their own family, and its astounding that the Queen is heading off to celebrate the anniversary, of some tin pot American state this week.

Anyway I found this commercial on You Tube, which surprisingly sums up and celebrates that sense of Britishness, more than anything coming from the Royal family or government.

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